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So Damn Worried

It was last Wednesday that my husband told me his BP is kind ‘a high so he needs to rest early. Come Thursday, he messaged me all so sudden that he will go to his Doctor for the BP. Then he told me they would admit him in the hospital later on.  Then moments passed, he said for them to remove the blood clot in the artery, they need to transport him in Washington DC. After that, I did not hear anything updates at all.

Our situation is hard, I know some of you would say why not go there so we can be together, it is easy to say but it’s hard for us as we don’t have budget for the necessary documents. Yeah, our situation is hard especially when this thing would happen.

Last Friday I was getting paranoid since he promised that he would update me anytime during the day but I got no update and message. I ask my friend in the US if she can call him but she cannot, his phone is off. She tried to send him a text message but it was not deliver so he was not able to read it. He went offline at 1:52 A.M. our time last Friday, from then on I do not get enough sleep; my daughter is already worried of me.

My other friend tried to call some hospitals in Washington but there was no name under him. So my friend suggested going to their house here and have to call the hospital myself, maybe just maybe, they need my name for us to get through. I was hesitated at first; I was so shy to bother someone else’s house to use their phone to contact my husband. My friend insisted that if we used her phone in their house, I could contact as many hospitals as I want in the US, since it does not get me charge. So yesterday I brought along my eldest daughter to go to my friend’s house, we dialed the clinic where my husband always go to but they were already close. I have one option, the Medstar VA in Washington DC, maybe he was there. I was praying so hard, wishing my husband were in that hospital. I gave out my name at first the reception said there is no such name under him but she realized she searched P not T, when he corrected it his name popped up on his screen, then she asked me right away if I want her to connect me to his room. I said yes right away.

When I heard my husband’s voice, I cried so hard that I cannot even almost speak, I have to hand the phone to my eldest daughter and they were able to speak to each other, my daughter cried too. When she hand me the phone back that is the only time I can speak clearly. I asked him right away, why he was not able to contact me as he promised, he said he left his phone in the ambulance. However, he said he supposed to call us when he be release today. He told us not to worry the procedure of removing the blood clot was successful and he is fine. I was relieved that my husband is okay. Thank GOD, he is okay.

Today when he checked out from the hospital, he sent me a message right away. We were able to chat in Viber a few moments ago. Thank GOD, for making him safe and I hope and pray that nothing serious would happen the next time.

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