An Overheat Engine?

I was so glad that I was able to drive perfect. I thought I could not remember at all but fortunately, I was able to maneuver the wheel. It just disappoint me that after like how many days, I have to send it back to the shop because it overheat. It was a long day that time, I have my entire schedule thoroughly followed but when I was on my way to the bank, I could not hit the gear at all. Good thing though that I was able to reach at the bank parking spot. After my transaction, I tried to get to gear 1, it went through but when I started to drive, I can feel that if I would run it through for sure it will stop in the middle of the road. To minimize the trouble, I run it to the side and I called my mechanic right away. I waited for a rescue and after nearly an hour, they arrived. He said that we might need to change the master clutch; we bought it right away. I paid them for the labor after it was changed but the trouble did not stop there.

It was okay at first, I was able to buy some grocery and I was able to pick up the couch cover I ordered online. My eldest daughter asked me to pick her up at school since her baggage is heavy from the retreat for 2 days. After I picked her up, on our way to pick my youngest daughter, I noticed the gauge of our car’s temperature it moved up and every time I stopped, it would move up more. I turn the aircon off; yeah you need to turn the aircon off if the temperature’s gauge is moving up so the engine will not stop in the middle of nowhere. So since, I do not like to cause any heavy traffic, it is better to sacrifice a little. I parked the car at my youngest daughter’s school, waited for 30 minutes for me to be able to start it again and add some water. Do not open the radiator when you just turn the engine off because you may burn from the radiator’s boiling water. Some incidents I heard that some drivers got a 2nd to 3rd degree burn because of the boiling water from the radiation. So if you notice that your engine is overheating, turn off the aircon, park the car, turn off the engine for 30 minutes, start the engine after and add water until it fill up the radiator. Do not add water if the engine is off, you have to start it before you can add water.

To cut this post short, we were able to send off the car back to the shop without causing any trouble in the road. However, this time I may have to sell this car so I can upgrade.

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