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Half For The 2nd Pair

My eldest daughter is  required to wear close black shoes, so even though they do not start to wear one I decided to buy her a pair in advance. We supposed to shop in SM but we decided to buy her a pair of close shoes in Payless. Good thing we went there because we found out that they are on sale, if you are going to buy one pair. The 2nd pair will be half of the price. How I wish to have more than enough of my budget to buy another pair but the money I brought was just enough for one pair, so even though the other pair will be half of the price I still could not afford it? On the other hand this pair is so affordable; it didn’t even reach to P 1,000. 00 I guess this is only almost P 700. 00 so it’s not bad at all right? And most of all Mj like it very much, it is simple, within the requirement and it is comfortable, at least for her. What else can she asked for? The only thing that she needs for now is her uniform because it still didn’t fit her.

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  • Mariz

    Hi. I’m all smiles with this post, I was able to avail of this promo, and I was glad to have found out. Just like you, I was just thinking of buying a pair. At first, I was reluctant to enter the store, I’m wary of sales clerks, and they changed that. The store clerks were nice and informational, they guided me well and didn’t force me to buy. They assisted me like I have a lot of money, lol. Luckily for me I brought my debit card, I got myself a pair of sneakers and aqua shoes.

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