Making Goals With Your Friends

I am sure that you and your friends are so into music so why not attend some local gigs in your town. This can give you and your squad an inspiration to write when you listen to soulful music. And when you write you can record your own song too, upload your music online for the world to hear.

Halloween is fast approaching so gather your friends and attend or host a costume party. You can convince your buddies to wear a costume as X-men, Avengers or Sailor Moon squad.

When you are not busy or no school or no work at all, get a girls day out. This must be so enjoyable for the whole gang this is way much better having a date with your crush. This is a BFF’s goal. Why not book a full spa package. It can be fun especially after the manicure, pedicure and massage, set a movie night at home.


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Fashion, Modesty and Young Women

Because shirts, shorts and skirts seem to leave more skin exposed with every year that passes, parents often struggle with the idea of keeping their daughters in clothing that promotes a positive body image without appearing promiscuous; this tends to make it difficult to strike an appropriate balance between modesty and fashion with their tween or teen girls. However, moms and dads facing issues with their daughters’ wardrobes can take steps to come to a compromise that leaves everyone satisfied.

Understand Her Thought Process

Girls who dress in a way that their parents disapprove of may simply not have a solid understanding of the types of messages that clothing can send; this is typically a problem in families that have girls who spent their childhoods riding bikes, playing ball and hanging out with boys. In other words, a young woman who grew up as a tomboy may simply be exploring her newfound femininity when she wears clothing that is too short or tight. This can often be remedied by a frank conversation on why it is important for women to dress in a way that commands respect without giving up fashion or comfort.

Demonstrating Fashion Choices for Girls

Many young ladies choose to model their fashion choices after those of their mothers, aunts or other important females in their lives; while girls emulating women who they hold in high esteem is generally positive, teen and tween girls may not yet understand why adult females choose to dress differently than those who are younger. Girls who witness women dressing less modestly may need to explain why khakis and blouse are appropriate at work or school, while more slightly more revealing evening wear is acceptable at certain times.

Finding a Solution to the Clothing Quandary

Many parents begin shopping with their daughters when the girls are very young; making it an activity that a girl looks forward to is an excellent way to ensure that a tween or teen expects input on her clothing from an important adult. Parents who cannot reach a compromise on clothing with their daughters may want to consider purchasing only junior underwear for her; with lengths that reach from the mid-thigh to just above the knees, these garments cover enough area to ensure that girls who insist on wearing revealing attire are covering more of their bodies than the clothing alone allows.

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Just Keep Wishing

I get easily cold, which is why whenever in a hotel, a thick comforter is always a big help to warm me up. There are times I would look for a pair gloves like the Cozy Winters has, just for my hand not to get numb. Maybe just maybe, living abroad would not suit me after all because I would get cold so easily and knowing the place of my husband, I would probably get colds during winter season. But don’t get me wrong, it is always in my dream to at least visit the place or maybe work there. I heard there are call centers that are currently hiring over at my husband’s place so maybe I can apply but sad to say I can’t that’s the reality of it because our papers never been processed, it was not process after all. I will just keep wishing.

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This Needs Repair

My head is aching  terribly last night. This always triggers when I’m on my laptop while watching TV. I know the radiation from my laptop is so strong that when I stayed with it for long hours, headache strikes.

 photo IMG_07671_zpssmz0i3c0.jpg

I bought an eyeglass before but it was busted. Actually it was my friend who bought this eyeglass for me and I just paid for it when I had the budget already. But because I was using it every night at work, it was busted all so sudden. It has been a while that it just stock at home and my headache reminds me of it last night.

Since there is no Kumon today, I am free to go to the mall not tagging Faith at all. I mean I could concentrate on things I need to do, like having my eyeglass repair, grocery shopping, going to music studio to inquire for the enrollment, and oh I have to pay for the workshops. It is not that I could not do all these things if Faith is with me, it is just I would spend more if she is with me. You know kids when they are in the mall, they feel like it is there time to ask and demand. Faith would understand if I say no but the thing is I could not say no to her when I know that it is not oftentimes that we are together in the mall. And besides, we already have our “us” time last week, she already went to fun maze and ate in her favorite fast food. Today, I need to take care of my budget if I want those things to be accomplish it’s for them anyway.

I can’t wait for my eyeglass to be fixed.

 photo IMG_07681_zpsfcxrcuk8.jpg

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