For Women And Proper Hygiene

Women should put proper hygiene a priority every first thing in the morning. Everybody should be washing body very often or taking a bath or a shower should be done every day. If perhaps there’s a shortage of water a swim or a wash with a wet sponge would do. Poor sanitation can affect anyone but women have a high risk. So it is indeed very important for women to have proper toilet or bathroom where they can do their proper hygiene otherwise it will lead to an assault.

On the other hand, besides the poor hygiene due to the fact of lack of facilities and appropriate sanitary products, it may cause girls to be out of school temporarily or maybe permanently. This is the right time to impose the proper menstrual hygiene; it is delicate but needs to be focus on for some areas that have lack of facilities for women. Lucky are those countries that have all the equipment they needed that men and women treated equal but what about those countries that women are in a difficult situation. They needed a hand to reach out to them so they can protected and be safe from everyone.


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How To Easily Get Pregnant

We should accept the fact that some women out there, don’t get pregnant easily, they are even married for how many years already but they are not conceived yet. If you expect that making love like how many times in a month could easily get you pregnant, nope it’s not even true. Expert says that women would get pregnant with 2 to 3 days making love in a month can easily and fast to get you pregnant.

You should also know your cycle, some women doesn’t care their cycle but when you are married and wanted to have a bundle of joy I am sure, from time to time you will check on what date did you start your period and what day you are fertile. If you are irregular or were taking pill for 10 years and don’t know your circle, it is best if you familiarize with it or go to an Obgyne to seek for some advice.


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Be Very Sensitive

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The bench naked truth was held just recently and some organization did not like when one celebrity ramp holding a rope with a woman tied with it. It seems that the women were not presented nicely. Gabriela Silang organization was the first one to protest and demanded for a public apology of the host of the event. It said that the show does not respect women at all. And then afterwards, this shirt was taken by a customer when she noticed the print of the shirt saying “It’s not rape, it’s a snuggle” It went viral and caught the attention of the media. The store removed the T-shirts right away in the display and said that they didn’t know that those shirts were shipped and displayed in the mall. We know that we are in the modernized world but sometimes we have to take aback specially when women are involved. Be very sensitive could not harm anyone at all and won’t lose a dime in your business.


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