The Special Event Of The Month: The Wedding

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This picture was tag on me in FB from Mare Rovie’s phone. Yesterday we just attended the wedding of the brother of my friend Jan Ray. Yeah that was the dress all about from the other day, I bought that from Get Laud and instead of about P800.00 they sell it half the price so I purchased it only for about P400.00. It is not that tight so I am very comfortable to move; it is also a back less but has string. It has a nice design. The motif of the wedding is turquoise, so I guess the color of the dress that I bought is a match; I mean at least a little. I love the back draft of the stage where the couple sat down though, it looks like magical. Oh the make-up of the bride is so stunning; she bloomed on her wedding day. It was a very very special occasion, I got teary eyed when the couple said their speech, it was actually a thankful message to their sister because her never-ending support to the family. I have also to thank Jan-Ray and Anna for inviting me to their special event, congratulations to both of you.

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