Fantastic City

Chicago is a fantastic city filled with so many different neighborhoods. There are the glitzy shops of Miracle Mile, the gleaming structures of the North Side, and the sports-influenced shops and restaurants of the South Side. If you’re not a long-time resident or frequent visitor the streets in and around Chicagoland can be a dauanting maze to a normal driver. And this may be why you want to look into a premier Chicago limousine service when you decide to make the trek to this Midwestern city.

We’re not talking about the stretch limos connected with weddings, proms, and Hollywood stars. You can certainly take advantage of these at places like Athena Limousine Service. Today, a limousine service offers much more. For instance, if you’re bringing a large party into the city you may want to consider hiring a service with stretch SUVs. Or, if you’re arriving for business, perhaps a sleek, prestigious sedan will to the trick.

When, not if, you consider a limo service, you want to look at a few things. Of course, the price is significant. If you’re paying top dollar then you want the vehicles and service to match the cost. You also want to look at the types of services they offer. Many Chicago limo companies provide pick-up and drop-off service from the airport. But what if you’re arriving by train? Find out if the limo service can you up at Union Station or at an El station?

Another item to review is the limo company’s reservation policy and how many vehicles they have in their fleet. Should you be on the go at all hours of the day you want the service to be available during those times as well. In addition, consider how far in advance you have to reserve a limo for business or events. This is especially important when a sporting or business event is in town and can affect the number of vehicles available.

The last thing to consider are the reviews of former clients of the service. The Internet is a wonderful tool to find these comments. Take a look at both the positive and negative comments in the reviews on several sites to get a feel for the company. Should there be a repeated complaint, find out how your selected limo service has corrected the issue.

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It Was Then A Terrible Monday!

We went to Gen San last Friday for a competition of my daughter. I was okay on our way there but when we traveled back last Sunday, it was different at all. I could not sleep and I was always watching the children, Yuna and Mj seated on the other side but inline with us yet I was not comfortable. I was also keep on looking at my watch of what time would we arrive in Davao.

When we arrived home, I opened my computer immediately to upload our pictures, I was having fun and giggled with our pictures, it was already late at night when I hit the bed. My head was so heavy when I woke up in the morning, but I still have to get up to prepare Mj’s breakfast, she was so excited to tell her teachers about the medals she got on the said event. I was a little dizzy while I have prepared Mj’s breakfast and lunch but I didn’t mind it, I still have to chat with my husband right after so there’s no way I could be sick. But while chatting, I could not bear it any longer, I just told him, I needed some rest, my head is starting to get so painful.

I woke up around 10:00 a.m., and my head was still so heavy, the pain goes on and off and I still felt a little dizzy. I went to bed again around 1:00 p.m. and woke up again around 3:00 p.m., I went to take a shower and right after that, my head is beginning to pound, my head was aching terribly and I felt like my surrounding was all dark. I know I needed more rest and sleep, good thing I didn’t have fever but I really felt so weak. I just messaged my daughter then not to wait for me at school because I could not send her to her training anymore. I also messaged the driver of the carpool to fetch her and send her home. It was indeed a terrible Monday, although I still don’t feel all right until now yet I have to regain my strength as no one would send my eldest to her training and she could not afford anymore to be absent from her swimming since the DCAA is already fast approaching.

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No Hotels To Stay

It is really hard to look for a hotel when the place that you are going to have some events and many guests will come. I just inquire some hotels that we need to stay next month and their reply was we are fully booked. I would love to bring my youngest daughter with me and so my sister but with no hotels to stay I think I will have to leave the idea behind but I am not stopping to look for a hotel though, I will have to try tomorrow so wish me luck.

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