The Musical Perception Meme

My eldest daughter first performance for playing a guitar was during her recital. After that she did not perform on the stage at all. But recently, she was one of the members in their school band. They joined the school band competition during their Buwanang Wika program and again I was not able to watch her performed because I have work. But even so, I was so proud of her especially when they won the contest. I didn’t have the budget to buy anything new to her. But with the help of her classmates she still look so awesome, she is wearing the polo from her cousin and the pair of jeans that was given to her from her best friend.

 photo 14522973_10210173426588245_7581845044262873965_n.jpg

1. Where did you grow up? I grow up in the province, it is like 12 hour drive from there to where I live

2. Where do you live now? In the city

3. What do you think about religion? They should respect each other faith

4. When did you start using online social media? 2008

5. What did you study to be? A Mascom, I always wanted to be a newscaster

6. How are you at this point of your career? Average

7. Do you use your real name on a blog? No

9. Do people you work with read your blog? Nope

10. Are you on the job market? Nope

11. If you could go back in time to meet someone famous but now deceased, who would it be? Michael Jackson

Join the fun here.

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Slurpee For Me And You

After we enjoy the huge pizza on the table in S&R, Our supervisor treat us again the Slurpee from 7/11. The Slurpee was on sale, we can buy one and the other one is free, it was such a great deal for us who were so thirsty at that time. We were not able to buy beverages in S&R since they do not sell 1 liter of Pepsi we have to buy it in a glass, which is heavier for the pocket. Here one picture that we had in S&R.

 photo 14237595_10209906101465284_5059747194500047100_n.jpg

On the other hand, here’s my share for Sunday Stealing: The Mad Hatter’s Meme

What’s the meaning or inspiration of your blog’s title?

My first blog was about my family, back I wanted to create a journal that represent only myself, so I created the Mary Anne’s Musings. It will be about me, my opinion as a woman, wife and a citizen.

What do you consider your biggest strength?

My biggest strength is always my two daughters. I can cross raging water in the river just for them.

What do you consider your biggest weakness?

I easily get some friends and its hard for me to disconnect right away and I have to since they have to go somewhere else.

Tell us why we should like your favorite band.

I don’t have any favorite band

Who is your favorite model of all-time? Why?

Nadine Lustre, I like her being simple yet she never failed to show her fashionable side.

Does it bother you when people talk about their pets? Why?

Not at all, we also have pets

Tell us about your favorite holiday.

Christmas, come on everything is on Christmas not to mentionVikings, Hi There! photo 12234931_10207563542582776_1184855663735691669_n.jpg the bonus from work.

What was the last fabulous meal that you ate? Where were you?

It was my birthday last year, my friends treat me for lunch instead of me treating them but since I don’t have budget they were the one who save me for lunch in a buffet. We were in Vikings and everything just looks so good. I was able to experience variety of foods all over the world LOL!

What’s your lucky number and why?

I don’t have lucky number

What are five things you hate?

Lies, lies, lies, lies, and lies

What are five things you love?

When someone cared for me just a simple, “you should sleep” will do

Having time with my kids 




Tell us a secret you can because other than us, who’ll read this anyway?

I sometimes would create a story, a love story that I always be the main character. LOL

What is the favorite body feature of yourself?

Oh well I don’t have favorite at all, it was my figure before but  not now anymore

Is there a tattoo that you want? If you don’t have one, gun-to-your-head so you have to get one, what would it be?


What do you love about yourself?

Maybe being friendly

What do you hate about yourself?

When I’m not in the mood, I am not in the mood

Who is someone you miss?

My husband and friends

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