School Uniform Solved

Mj will be in a new school this coming school year, yes I enrolled her to a different school this time. The reason is the enrollment is so light in the pocket and I am so thankful that we were able to school hop in the first week of May. On the other hand I thought I would spend too much for her school uniform but thank GOD that my niece offered her old school uniform, yes she also went to the same school that my daughter is enrolling now. My niece already graduated and good thing that she was able to save it. Now we only have to repair the school uniform especially the skirt. If we will buy fabric and will send it in the tailoring shop, it will cost us P 700. 00 per pair, while if we will repair my niece uniform it will only cost me P 500.00 and Mj can already have 3 pairs of school uniform. School Uniform Solved!

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