An Experience That I May Not Forget

It was raining cats and dogs when we went home today from our short getaway, I have Faith in tow and my friends and their kids. At first I was still calm when driving, I started to get nervous when I passed by a swamp with lots of water, I mean it is my intention to pass by there but I could have made a detour to another way for us to get through at the diversion road. But it was too late I am already there and already tried to climb up with lots of water under our car, the brother of my friend just told me to try harder and pushed hard the accelerator so we can make it to the top. When we are already safe, I breathe deeply, thank GOD that we surpassed that. But it did not end there, because we still passed by at least a bit flood. When I saw some small cars get through, I know I can also get through since I am driving a mini van now. We took the diversion road, it was dark and I am having a hard time seeing the lines on the road, my eye is the brother of my friend who would tell me if there’s a car in the back when I have to overtake.

I have sent my friends safe to their house, so it was me and Faith who left in the car. Faith was in my back just giving me a boost when I have to pass by a bigger flood this time. Faith even said “oh no, Mama too much water” and yeah it is, I didn’t know where to pass but one traffic enforcer helped me out. He showed me which way to pass and I did it! Thank GOD! It was indeed so hard to drive especially when the road is unclear with too much water but it was also an experience that I may not forget.

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