It’s Time For A Restart

These past few days, I felt so lost. I needed someone to talk to, a friend whom I can confide. And my friend came; we were able to catch things up since she just came from Dubai. We talked about life, about contentment and everything until she opened up about praise and worship. She talked about our relationship with GOD and the satisfaction that we felt we never had but we actually have. And I said to myself I need a refresher, I need these words, these inspirational words; I need to seek to be enlightened. Thus, I asked her if she could invite to this praise and worship. Don’t get me wrong it is still a Catholic; it is just that the host will add inspirational thought after the mass. I am attending because it’s time for me to restart myself before I would go on.

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Thank You TL Angel

I may not good in words but I can say I am expert in doing this. Hope so. 

On the other hand, when I started my ventures in our company, I did not expect anything more, instead I expected anything less, what I mean to say is that as I don’t believe myself much, I don’t have that guts that I can go beyond and survived. I always have these feelings that “I cannot do it, if this is for me then this is for me and if it’s not, then I’ll stop”. But you have changed that, you instilled in my mind, not only me but to all of us that we can go to the deepest ocean or fly to the highest peak if we have this determination and the willingness to learn.

You never stopped until we realized that “hey, they were able to do it, why can’t we?”

You were not just a Team Leader to us but you became our friend, confidant, and our force. You never stop pushing us over to achieve our goal. You even cover us to anyone because you know that we can make it, you believe that even in our weaknesses, we have that strength to stand up and fight and we fought because of that believe, we were able to have the perfect sword and shield to battle up.

Thank you so much for believing in me and believing in us. We may now taking different paths because you have now your new team and we have now a new team leader, you will always be a part of us. You continue sharing your thoughts and words of inspiration, your skills and on the things you learned. Take care and we will be missing you.



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