Thank GOD, This Blog Is Up

I was so anxious already; it has been more than a week that I could not see my blog. You may say that it is just a blog; I can let it go in just a snap of my finger, well not for me because this blog has been with me for a decade. You see, I started this blog way back in 2008 and everything is here. This is actually my 2nd baby and I could not just let it go.

Last night, the new host provider messaged me with log ins of my 2 blogs, this blog Mary Anne’s Musings and My Little Home, I woke up right away to check. Yes it was up! Finally! I know I could not get the lay out back for this blog, I was not able to back up any copy and this is the only blog that I wasn’t able to get the copy of my theme. So this morning, I scanned some free layout in wordpress and found this. Actually I got this lay out from my niece. It is simple, just so simple. It doesn’t matter at all, as long I can see them live!

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My First Time

I usually do my task 3 homeworks per day but I got so excited with those blessings they gave me last night. Though I was already tired to write all the homeworks and it seems like there is no idea that popped in to my mind at all, I still tried to finish it all in one day. I cancelled the meeting with my friend in the morning and when I finished writing it all in the afternoon, I tagged my niece to the movie theater. There was this local movie I want to watch, thank GOD she also enjoyed it. So my day was complete today after working so hard here, I compensate myself by watching a movie.

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