3/4 Sleeve Polo

And since school year has been ended, I think I have enough budget to buy things for my own, I need to do it now because if I would wait for a while, I know for sure that I will run out of budget again and I can’t buy the things I want to buy for my own.

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I miss my 3/4 sleeves polo plain, I could not wear it because it is busted already; I saw two holes on it that I can’t wear it anymore. I was disappointed that I have to put it on our storage box but I guess I have to move forward, it took me a while to buy another one but I guess it’s all worth it.

 photo cats_zpszutu2uyd.jpg

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Time To Shop

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I enjoy going to the mall, especially where there are sales, but there are times when I really cannot find what I want or it costs too much. I do not shop online much but when I do I am always looking for a bargain. I am in the habit of going to the mall and seeing if they have what I want and how much they are selling it for, then going on line and looking for the same thing to see if I can find it cheaper. In the majority of the theses instances, the item I saw is much cheaper online than it is in the store. You know us girls we like shopping, even if it is only going to the mall to see compare or window shop. There are great savings to be had online and there is a lot of Good On Line Shopping to be had.

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