Making Goals With Your Friends

I am sure that you and your friends are so into music so why not attend some local gigs in your town. This can give you and your squad an inspiration to write when you listen to soulful music. And when you write you can record your own song too, upload your music online for the world to hear.

Halloween is fast approaching so gather your friends and attend or host a costume party. You can convince your buddies to wear a costume as X-men, Avengers or Sailor Moon squad.

When you are not busy or no school or no work at all, get a girls day out. This must be so enjoyable for the whole gang this is way much better having a date with your crush. This is a BFF’s goal. Why not book a full spa package. It can be fun especially after the manicure, pedicure and massage, set a movie night at home.


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Friends In The New Team

Friendships come and go and I am so happy to say that most of them stayed and some of them was I reconciled. It is a good feeling indeed when you know of yourself that you have them to always cherish with. And when we go back to the pool, I was able to make close with these friends. And the kids were able to kindle back their friendship, one of them whom she just met when she went back is one of the closest that she had.

 photo 1977033_10202136901878057_1333133150_n.jpg

My friends in the pool, I hope this friendship will blossom until ever after

 photo 1924399_10202136904958134_182886475_n.jpg

My daughter and friends in the team with their coach

 photo 1150833_10202518365453181_505941458_n.jpg

My daughter’s team mates and friends

 photo cats-4.jpg

One of Mj’s new closest friend started last year

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As Long As It Is From Your Heart

There are many options when you needed to buy a gift for a friend or someone’s special. Some followed the rules of something that they can keep but some followed of something they can use. With something they can keep are frames, cards and the likes and with something they can used are handkerchiefs, belts or romeo y julieta cigars to those who would like to smoke. But whatever it is, even it is only a simple home made card as long as you gave it from your heart; I am sure the one who would receive it will surely be glad and be delighted.


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I Made A Speech

It was my first time to speak in front of the people but because it was for m friend C and I know so well that it is the one of the most important event of her life. I faced my fear and I boost up my confidence just to deliver my message clearly to her and to her fiancee. I thought I could not go on but I was so surprised that I did. Maybe I was just too happy for them, for her specially since she has been dreaming of this day would come to her. And finally, it did, I was even teary eyed at the last part of my speech, the message was from the bottom of my heart. I always love that girl, I am always thankful that she became my friend because she was always there for all my special occasions, from engagement party down to my wedding day. And my turn was over and it was nicely done with her and now it is my turn as well to do things for her. For my very special friend, we always love you and I am glad that you finally found your happiness. Please know that I always support you, and I always, also be there for you.

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