I Can See It Very Often Now

Ever since I knew I had a floater, I can see it very often now.

I have mentioned here before that my husband has a floater and it’s big, when he went back to the states I learned that I also have a floater too. I mean it was hard to understand in my part what is a floater or the images of it now I know and sometimes it is already bothering me especially when I am driving. My floater is like a dot but like three of it and I can see it when it is too bright. My eyes are itchy nowadays as well, thanks to my husband because he left me with his eye treatment, it is for eye itchiness so I have used it. So far it does me very well, my husband advised me to learn how to ignore my floater because he suspected that it has been there already even before, and since I didn’t know about floater, I just ignore the images I was seeing but now that I knew about floater then it became very visible already.

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