Fairy Dresses Today

Today, I and Faith will go to the mall to buy her the dresses she needs for their Matinee and Gala to be held on March 17, 2018. Yes, it is only today that I can buy her the costumes because I have schedule it today based on the budget that we had and besides it’s my payout day. We supposed to go out yesterday but I went home late since I needed to get the occupational permit that our company is requiring us to submit on Monday. The line is very long if not for a friend who have a friend inside the building; we may not be able to finish it a little bit early.

Our supervisor then treats us for a coffee caused my being hyper. I could not sleep when I got home and I’m afraid that if I will go out I will pass out anytime so I decided to just do it today, Saturday since I already had enough sleep.

This will be a long day since right afterwards kid will attend their Kumon session in the afternoon.

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The White Dress And A Worn Out Sandal

I almost ran out of budget when I bought the rubber shoes of my eldest daughter not minding that I still need to buy a white dress for her plus Faith had her Dentist appointment. My eldest daughter was already waiting for me in the mall, guess I can’t escape anymore, I need to buy her a white dress for their moving up. Good thing she did not demand of a new sandal to match the white dress. Oh well, she understand that I am running out funds. We were roaming around, checking here and there. This is the struggle when your budget is up to this certain amount only; you need to check the very least price. Imagine we spent 2 hours just to look for a very affordable white dress.

 photo 17796329_10212062632377209_2569768988783409292_n_zpsmlnded7x.jpg

When I picked the dress, Mj wanted to protest but she doesn’t have any choice because she already got her wish. She just put a fashionable belt for it to look a little fancy. She borrowed a pair of sandal from her cousin and she’s all set ready for the Moving Up Day.

The pair of sandal is so worn out that she almost did not wear it but her teacher told her to wear  a pair of sandal when we arrived at the venue. Mj got her hair a little bit curly, it was so sudden, it looks like we were always chasing time since she arrived late.

But everything is just so overwhelming, I sometimes could not imagine that the little toddler I always brought in the mall during off from work is now growing up. It is indeed scary but I have faith on her, I just hope that she will do her best to reach her goal.

 photo 17757397_10212062642497462_8464701654644481477_n_zpspv4bfhzu.jpg

Ready to receive their diploma

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Pretty On My Dress

Just recently my sister has a party she needed to attend, and she borrowed a dress from me. This dress was only wear once during the wedding of my friend’s brother and then nothing at all. Good thing I still have it in my closet, my sister was able to wear it on their party. It is funny though because when I wore this one last January, I don’t have much picture of it but when she wore it, she has more pictures of it. Anyway, she looks gorgeous with this dress.

 photo 553244_10202071908798801_5004773686670435317_n_zps71d92141.jpg

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