Costume In Buwanang Wika

This is actually a late post. This event happened last Month when the school of my youngest celebrated their Buwanang Wika. The school is small so expect to have 1 participant in each level. But even though it was a small celebration the participants did a good job in the event. All of the students were required to wear our Pambansang Clothes. Each level participated, either they are signing or dancing.

The high school students were so amazing, the competition was so intense. They really exerted an effort to show off their talent. I am not sure which level won but I am sure whoever it is, he or she deserved it. It was a healthy competition for all of them, I am sure that the judges were having a hard time to choose who would be the luckiest one.

and here’s my youngest with her classmate

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No Year End Party, Kick Off Party Instead

The year-end party will not going to push through on December 19th, instead they postponed the event sometime on January, now we called it ‘kick off party’  we still have the same theme though. So aside from the clothing I posted here. Our office also gave us some options so if we could not find something like that I posted, we can easily find the Japanese street clothing.

 photo 1-sjUlW51nqQ2W2TZLXq-iqQ_zpswwloxzs5.jpeg

This is the company’s suggestion of a Japanese Street Clothing

But my niece went over online to give me more ideas about the Japanese Street Clothing and she recommended me with the picture below:

 photo 15139554_1121124754675310_824516647_n 1_zpshkv9cqmi.jpeg

Mariel is giving me more options about the theme, I will be posting some more in Anne’s Sweet Life.

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