JADINE Greeted Me!

When I went home last Wednesday from Kumon, I saw my friend tagged me of a video of my favorite celebrities. I lost the tag but I watched the video of them from Zamboanga, Cebu and Dagupan. I also scanned some videos of them in Halo Halo station in Instagram. The next morning while preparing my daughter for school, I received a message from my friend saying that Jadine greet me online! I was ecstatic, if only I have a choice not to send my daughter to school, I would probably do it but of course, the video can wait and besides we don’t have foods already at home, I need to grocery shop. Right after buying some necessary things, I went home right away and opened my laptop there I saw these two loves greeted me online! I could not contain my happiness hearing them mentioning my name! I know I am already an oldie for this but I can’t help it I really adore them. LOL. 

My name can be heard almost in the last part. Geez these two made my day! I have positive vibes the whole week!

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A Picture With Them

When this movie haven’t shown yet, every poster that I passed by, I always asked my friend to take a picture of me with them. You may find it hilarious but geez who cares? I don’t care at all. With my age, you would be wondering why I am so into them, my answer is I don’t know also. I just woke up one day and suddenly I adore them, oh no not only that I love them to the max.

 photo 13043322_10208814202768499_1878669932497661429_n.jpg

This picture was taken when we had lunch in one of the malls here. I spotted the picture and right away I asked, I mean I begged to have a picture of me taken with them. My gay friend was hesitant but damn, he could not stop me so he gave way.

 photo 12524175_10208824761672465_3454194112143381369_n.jpg
My friends tagged me along to watch the Captain America vs Ironman the civil war, when we went out I saw that poster again. The poster that everyone fell in love. So I asked my friend again to have a glimpse of this picture with me and so to satisfy my craving, she gave in. Hahaha!!! Felt like they are my favorite food for me to always crave, want and stuffs. Thank you for making me young, you two!

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She Will Shine More

I think you are already aware that I am so much with this celebrity. I am already a fan on her first movie Diary ng Panget, it went stronger when they first air their RomCom series On The Wings of Love. I am a mother of two but I couldn’t liking her. I adore her simplicity and her being family oriented. I always tell my teenager daughter about her, my daughter even jokingly told me that maybe she was my younger sister on a different life because this is my first time to be so serious of becoming a fan. I always followed all her interviews and even buy magazines in which she is on the cover. I first bought Star Studio Magazine last month

 photo 12347583_10207673734577507_3203758295549907407_n_zpsg68qxg4j.jpg

I also bought their On The Wings Scrapbook, which I will feature on my other blog. See how I addicted with her? Oh well so much. Whenever I see her on TV, it feels like I am younger than my age, she brings me good vibes even at work. I would always sing their song “On the wings of Love”. I wanted to quit working but she inspires me to work, yeah she is so workaholic and  her family inspires her of what she is doing right now.

Here’s the magazine I just bought this month, which of course Nadine Lustre is the cover.

 photo 12495160_10207886318331968_6949846521911187024_n_zps5viw6cgq.jpg

She will shine more this year. I know she will.

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So Trending

When I was working as a call center agent last summer, the accounting department deducted our salary with taxes right away. But then I was wondering because those Moms who have kids got more than I have. I mean there is something that is not alright there, so I checked the accounting and yeah they were not able to deduct the right amount for me, because they put it there married as my status but not as the head of the family. They just told they will fix it on my next salary, I know we are obliged to pay our taxes and I am happy to help especially when I could see lots of improvements in our country. Yes, I can see road widening, public schools putting up more rooms for the kids but geez the program for building buildings are not followed. I mean instead of a Narra Wood they just install the very cheapest wood they can get somewhere. See how tricky it is, I mean come on, we paid our taxes right because you obliged us to pay for it and this is what we only got, scams everywhere for politicians.

And here’s another trending, one celebrity from Disney gone wild during a performance in VMA awards, I mean what happen to her. We used to admire her before when she was yet a teenager but now the way she performs is very much censored. There’s no way kids could watch that, good thing Mj have school tomorrow so there’s no way she can open the computer otherwise she could see her online as she is very trending in Yahoo.

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