Running A Candidate At School

When I was still in high school, I used to dream being a candidate for a student organization, a president or a representative but I was not popular, nobody even knows me except my classmates. I was so impressed with to those who run for candidacy the way they campaign, they speech in the class and all that. Some I didn’t know, but they became so friendly when they are campaigning, I always thought to vote wisely, I always based my vote for their plans and platform for the school. Well, I must admit that some become so obvious with their true intentions and nevertheless they just want to be recognize or more popular at school. Some were really devoted, they would put up a project for school and so every student can benefit from it.

I was so impressed when I heard my niece is running for 4th year representative, she did her best, she campaigned, and she even lost her voice so she can deliver her speech perfectly. This is her second time to run and she hoped that she would win this time, but fortunes didn’t come her way she lost it. I know she had a lot of plans if she wins, I know she had more ideas in mind for their school yet maybe that was not enough. But even she didn’t win, she already won in the heart of many especially to her mom and her family, we are so proud of her for having that skill, that cleverness, and that talent. No matter how many she would lose in a campaign, she is always the winner in our heart.

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