Go To Sleep Mom

Faith woke up just when DJTammy of Anything Under The Sun buzzed me in YM. Faith has always been in the right time, she pooed just when I chat with Terry or wanted me to play with her just when I open my computer.

So tonight I have to bring her to the computer while chatting with Tammy online until she looks so droopy already. I don’t have any choice though I was having fun talking to a new friend I’ve met here in blogosphere, I have to prepare her milk so I could put her to sleep.

And you know what? She did not sleep, she was just there in the crib playing. I already swing her around or sang with her and yes she would close her eyes but the moment I put her down she will open her eyes again and would try to make a peek a boo. It was hopeless to put her to sleep while she’s still so active so I lay down in our bed and put her beside me, I gave her the feeding bottle and I fell asleep!

When I open my eyes just an hour ago, I saw her sleeping so sound beside me and because I have left my computer open before I went to our bedroom, I have to get up and finish what I was doing awhile back.

What happen earlier was like you sleep now Mom and I will too. Phew! Smarty kulit baby.

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Sisterhood Award

Are you familiar with the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants movie? It is about four friends who bought one pants that is fitted to four of them and wherever they are, whomever friend received the pants from a friend would wear it by next day.

I so in love with the movie! Unfortunately I was not able to watch the part two of it; this award has given to me by Life’s Journey reminds me of the movie. Thank sis Gen for this award, it is nice to know that you treat me as one not only friends here in blogosphere and yet a sister as well.

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Now, let me share this award to the following friends:

Allen of Bestfriends Blog
Allena of I’m Walking On Sunshine
Anne of A Pinay’s Endeavor In America
Carlota of Dashing Smiles
Rose of Roses of Obstacles and Glories
Chelle of My Life’s Events and Anecdotes
Haze of Simple World Of Haze

Adin of River Of Live
Jona of Beauty Of Life
Mommy Elv’s of Straight From The Heart

Just take the award if you have time guys! Thanks!
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Third Party

I’d been hearing some families were nearly to be broken because of a third party and mostly male are the one who make this kind of mistake. I just wonder why they have to do that? Why they have to put their marriage at stake while they know that once they get caught everyone including kids will be involved.

And they sometimes do it with their its either the nanny of their kid or their helper or with the church member, so gross isn’t it? And to make it worst they don’t even have work to support their family or they don’t have that big salary to help with the house expenses, they only depend of their wives income so to survive and yet they still have the guts to do it.

When the time has come that their wives caught them, they would say the other girl should be the one to be blame because she made the first move. The wife of course will believe and would curse the other girl to death or make her life miserable by naming her names in public while in fact it is both her husband and the other girl’s fault. I am not saying that she will give up her family and leave her husband as that, of course she have to win him because she is the wife and they have kids. What I am saying is that it is maybe better to talk the problem with them alone and not putting the other one on shameful situation in public, we should not put all the blame to one side only but both party, the wife maybe so nagger that made her husband look for other girl so to regain his ego as a man or she may also had mistake that pushes her husband to do things sinful.

On the other hand, if I will be asked who would be blame, for me it is the guy because in the first place even the other girl made the first move, if he is firm enough to stay away from the temptation, the complication shall not happen this way. If he is loyal enough to his wife then issues like this could be avoided.

What makes you a pastor if you can’t avoid such temptation or let’s say your lust move you that’s why you courted the girl making her believe you truly love her, but when you are in front of your wife, you’re saying things against the girl, you are so evil! You know what? Life is not always on the right side; I know you would get your karma soon! I hope you could bear it.

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After I Took A Nap

When I called Cheryl this morning, her eldest sister informed me that the outing might not pursue due to some issues, I told them I would still like to come in the afternoon and bring Nanay a birthday cake.

So I took a nap this morning and when I woke up at 12:00 nn I asked Mj and Mariel to get ready because we would be going out with Faith anytime soon to go at Cheryl’s house. While we are preparing Cheryl called me up and told me they are on their way to Malagos and they will just picked us up where the jeepney stop situated near the subdivision.

So we have to hurry preparing our stuff so we could meet them on time, Faith was so excited and was even singing aahhh aahh in the tricycle. When she saw Cheryl meeting us up, she smiles her and Ate Gina so wide. When we arrived at Malagos, while Mj was wondering around with friends, Faith was also busy walking and doesn’t want me to hold her, she seems not tired at all because when we also went to Crocodile Park after the Malagos she was not fussy and squirming, it was just she doesn’t like to be carried nor to hold her. I guess she wanted to explore things herself that’s why she sleep so sound right now.

Anyway I’ll show the pictures soon.

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