I Will Go Out Early!

Yup, we will go out early today, I woke up Mariel and Mj to prepare things, Mariel is already chopping the meat for Adobo I am starving we have to eat breakfast before we go.

I supposed to log in early but I have to bathe Faith first and play with her outside until Sister Merlyn came to replace me, it is just so good to feel to have someone who would help taking good care of the kids. I know some of you are not lucky as I am to have anyone around so I am just so thankful that I have sisters not yaya to help me look after Faith.

Anyway, since my appointment is before 11:00 a.m. I need to get going so the transaction I made yesterday will not be cancelled. I hope there would be no black out in the city this time, or else we will get stuck. Aarrrgghsss!

So guys please forgive me if I can’t make a peep on your page now and can’t drop EC. You know I like to visit your page but the time just don’t let me so.

Good morning to all of you!

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Finding The Best Credit Card

Are you tired of the service of your credit cards? Do the big interests and charges they billed you tire you? Are you looking for service, which can tells you what would be the best and highly recommended credit cards for you? Then you are exactly looking for the Dealscreditcards.com, the company that can help you pick the best card in town.

The company does not only served for credit cards but they also have a random of choices for balance transfer credit cards with zero APR at all, they would also help you to save money on old and new purchases for 15 months. Just imagine how awesome their services are, you could transfer your existing balance to another line of credit to the new line with no interest, can you believe that? Well, I guess you have to now, plus you may get cash back and reward programs mostly of the credit cards they offer.

And as a wise user for credit cards and the like, you should be also aware of the unnecessary fees, you may pay some interests that supposedly are free of charge. If you want to learn more about this just click the link.

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2009 Friendly Blogger Award

Mommy Elv’s of Straight From The Heart tag me with this MEME. It is actually sent to me two days ago but due for the random black out we experienced here I just could not finish this post one time.

Anyway, better late than never unless I forgot all about it, to Mommy Elv’s thank you so much!

The Rules

1. Take a Photo of yourself (optional).
2. Do not change clothes,do not trim the hair,the main image is to be captured (optional).
3. Post a picture that is unedited (optional).
4. Post this instructions (required).
5. Tag people to show appreciation to them that touch your heart because of their friendly attitude (required).

Since all of you touches my heart, I am tagging each one in my blog roll. Thanks!
We just arrived from inquiring tickets in the mall
Mj did not know I am clicking the camera eh?
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Gown’s Fitting

Just today Clarinda of my Rendezvous asked me if I would go out today so we could set an appointment to set my gown for her wedding.

Without any doubts I said yes, of course I am so excited not only to fit the gown but also on her upcoming event on May. I am so excited to see her marching down the aisle while her fiancée is waiting for her in the altar. I am sure to feel the love in the air while this couple would take their bows and will say “I do”

This friend of mine had prove life to its best and I am sure she would be a successful one with her chosen career as a wife and a mom soon. You have all my support my dear friend and I am so happy that you found your destiny despite all the things that happen. You know I am always be here when you need someone to talk to about life and love, I am just one text, phone or click away I may not saying this very often but you know that you have a special spot in my heart, the forever Ninang of Mj and Faith and the ever friend I forever keep.

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