A Quick Post

I went out to supposedly pay my contributions but my feet drag me to Phil Health Insurance bldg and inquire yet of the requirements for me to continue my contributions. The long line stuck me hence I was not able to go to my other insurance.

And since Clarinda message me that they are already in the parlor for her trial make up, I went there instead. We have our dinner in Whaw Grilled Restaurant and had our little bonding in ZED. Right after Zed we headed to MTS to pay for the instruments she would be using on her wedding day.

See? I just had a long day today and I need to rest the soonest possible time because I am planning to have a work out by tomorrow, I have to get rid of this flabby tummy. Good night every one!

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“That is a revenge of you ordering the crab on Good Friday”

It is not the way you think, Terry was not complaining of whatever dish would I order, because as what he always said its all up to me, I can get whatever I want. The revenge thing was actually a joke for both of us; we went to TGIF for dinner in Manila to celebrate when I noticed that all the foods were so expensive, since it is a call for celebration Terry ordered their specialty which is their steak. My eyes were wide open when I found out the price and told Terry that was a bit expensive, he exclaimed right away that is the revenge of the crab you ordered in Sen Ton Whan in Davao.

We burst out laughing, actually I didn’t know the price of each crab I just ordered three pieces of crabs thinking the kids would eat it too, but no they did not because they rather have the Shanghai Rice than that, so I end up trying to finish it all. The crab was the most expensive among the other dish we ordered. Terry doesn’t like crabs unfortunately I like those but I never expected that our bill would be that much for three person because of that thing called crab.

Terry is not conscious about our bill or anything in particular as long as he knows where the money went, I am the one who is a bit nosy for the money we spent, well that is why we are being called a Mom and a wife.

Sen Ton Whan In Davao

Honey and Our Daughter Mj
Playing the Nintendo while waiting for our food to arrive


Me and our kids showing our smiles
right after we finish our food

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I Am Supporting Rosa

You may also want to help Rosa of Pinaymamablog to win a contest simply by posting an article saying you are supporting her. This would earn her more points.

When I read her blog I found out that she is in the fourth place yet, she still needs more points to reach the top. Just post a short message in your blog and that’s it, it doesn’t eat up all your time in blogging, you may insert it at the end of your post if you don’t feel like writing an article about her. Who knows you may also seek some help from her in the future, so start typing now and help her earn some points.

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I Must Sleep, I Mean Now!

Since I got my PR in this page, the OPP are overflowing that I sometimes could not attain it all. I know they were all gray but once I refresh it two times, the white would show up.

But I have to sleep because I slept too early last night; I mean that was already early in the morning but hey! I slept with Faith at 1:00 a.m. but I woke up around 4:00 a.m. because I have my computer still hooked up and the OPP I reserved a while back still waiting for me.

Now I have to drag myself to sleep I will get back later I hope I could still some flying white colors, oh! I miss grabbing OPP’s and now that I am back expect me to kick in! Thanks to Mr. Google and Triple P.

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