Happy Birthday DSAT!

Lookin good, lookin fabulous
Right at the moment I arrived at Jaca Farm, a dead end spot in Matina Pangi, all my workmates greet me with warm smiles, embraces and a long chitchats about our whereabouts.

I was so overjoyed when they welcome me with the same gestures of excitement when I was still working at the call floor, I am indeed so lucky to have these workmates that even though stress and lack of sleeps attacked us every night when we log in but the moment we see each other there, we still have time to confine each other and to laugh and to smile and everything. It is just so great to feel the ambiance in a hectic work place when this kind of people are there to ease all the heavy feelings when you encounter an irate call on the other line.

These people I admired so much and I always miss every time I am alone and the project DSAT will always have a special spot in my heart, I always thank GOD I’m in DSAT and thank you for inviting me guys. Once again Happy birthday DSAT!

Happy Birthday DSAT!

Me and Mj at Jaca Farm

14 and 15

Well, it looks like I have a tight schedule this weekend. Tomorrow would be a birthday bash for our DSAT project and my workmates are inviting me to come over.

And since I miss them so much and the chitchats we used to have in the call floor, I’ll be attending the party. I already asked Terry about this, and he said yes, well he always say yes every time I’m asking of his permission. I am sure we all have fun by tomorrow; I’ll bring my eldest daughter there so she could meet some of my workmates from the call center.

On Sunday would be Cheryl’s Mom birthday, they will going to held it in Crocodile’s Park and since I message Cheryl the other day to inform her that one of our friend was admitted in the hospital, she remembers inviting me on her Mom’s birthday party. That girl, if I haven’t messaged her that day, she would never remember to invite me at the party with the crocodile huh? Just kidding…

Anyway, I hope you all guys have fun this coming weekend!