Good Night Everyone!

Oh well since I could no longer retrieved the OPP I lost this morning whatever things I would do just to open that ad I might go to bed as well., It is already 12:45 a.m. here to be exact so obviously I am so droopy already. I have not noticed the time because I can still hear the T.V. from the living room; it is my niece Mariel who usually watched some programs in TV late.

I am still thankful I must say, even though she needs to get to bed at this hour because I have someone with me in this creepy and oh so silent night. Ewwww!!! That reminds me of the movie I watched earlier right after I withdraw some money to lend it to Sister Merlyn.

I am glad they extend the movie because I was really so curious how scary it is, at least I could prove to it that it is somehow thrilling but not that scary. Though the over all rating in my own point of view would be four and 1/2 stars lol. Anyway have a good night sleep everyone and don’t listen to the pssst pssst pssst from the outside of your window. Hehehe

Congratulations Mabel

I know that you had been wanting to get pregnant, I remember you told me the tricks and tips to be one but nah I don’t need those, with Faith and Mj here now I have proven my worth. Eh?

Anyway, congratulations belle, your baby is so lucky to have you as your Mom because I know you would love the baby no matter what. I am so happy to hear you are pregnant, a dream come true that you always long for even before.

Take good care of yourself and your baby and please have a monthly check up. See you soon girl!

I Just Slipped It Away

When I open my yahoo mail this morning, I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I got an opportunity open for me but when I started to write a post regarding that advertisement, my sister Merlyn arrived and broke me a news that her Mother In Law just died and they wanted them to go to Cebu immediately.

They asked if they could borrow a pocket money from me since her sister-in-law would be the one to shoulder their fare expenses going there, I don’t usually bring money at home so I have to go out yet to withdraw. I thought I could still have the opportunity when I get back this afternoon but to my disappointment it was gone like the wind.

I should have post something right away this morning so I would not be feeling like this merely it is true that opportunity knock only once. Sigh!

The Girl In The Mirror

She’s really a girl! She loves to project in front of the mirror. My little Faith is growing so adorably fast; it seems like yesterday that she was just a little baby so fragile and so delicate carrying her in our arms. Now she could chase after you or play with you or hide under the table.

Second to Mj, she is a Daddy’s little darling, my little baby Faith, we love you so much!