3 Tips on Getting the Best Online Deals

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Whether it be for a hotel restaurant buffet for two, an out-of-town travel tour for the whole barkada, or a nice massage and spa package just for one—discounted prices on these kinds of activities are definitely good buys. You get to save a lot money without sacrificing the quality of your leisure time.

While you may think that catching bargain prices on last minute deals comes purely by chance, the truth is that all it takes is some planning, preparation, and strategic moves. Just ask any group deal aficionado—snagging the best online deals is a skill that can be practiced and perfected! Here are some tips on how you can be successful at getting the best deals on some of the most popular sites today.

Look around and check often. Start by scoping the entire marketplace of online group deals and discount sites. Browse through the different topics of interest, even if it’s initially not up your alley. It may just give you an idea on new products to try or new destinations to visit. Dedicate some time to look around, as if you’re window-shopping in real life.

The key is to check back on these websites often. Online deal sites are a dynamic marketplace where purchases are updated real-time, so a great offer may pass you by without your knowing. There are some sites that have features like an automatic alert system that will send you a message on particular deals up for grabs. Most importantly, be sure to refresh your browser every once in a while so that you get to see the latest and most current offerings.

Read the fine print. Once that you’ve zeroed in on a particular deal that interests you, comb through the details and make sure you understand all the items that come with it. Understand the terms and conditions such as availment dates, location, taxes on the final prices, etc. To help you make a better decision, check out any reviews or ratings on the product or service. This is a great way to find out if the offer is worth your money.

Sites such as Deal Grocer boast of a Customers’ Choice ranking system where excellent deals are given a seal of approval by patrons and consumers just like you. A deal can earn a Customers’ Choice badge only if it receives top five-star ratings and genuine, positive reviews from actual users. Features such as these are a great way to be assured of only the best bang for your buck when it comes to online deals.

Make a decision quickly. Time of the essence when it comes to online deals, so once that you have gone over the details, don’t hesitate to click the button and buy. However, to prevent buyer’s remorse, be prepared way ahead—check your calendar and determine a window of time when you would be free to eat out or to travel. If you are going out with a group, it’s a good idea to have a planning session where everybody can come to an agreement on the dates they are free, the kind of food that they prefer, the destinations they would want to visit, among others.

On the other hand, another way to do it is to just wing it. On a weekend that your schedule suddenly frees up, why not visit your favorite site such as Deal Grocer and just make a bold random pick for the day? This kind of deal shopping is an exhilarating experience as well. It’s a great way to reward yourself for hard work or to spend time with special people in your life.

Become better at catching online deals

Don’t fret if you’re just new to the wonderful world of online deals—in due time, you will definitely get the hang of it. Don’t be afraid to explore and also ask questions from more experienced family members or friends. Just keep practicing and purchasing, and soon you will become a master at snapping the best online deals.

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I Hope

I am here again, wishing that I can at least get a vacation somewhere outside the country. I mean I already accepted the fact that I can’t, that we can’t due to financial constraint and besides my husband did not already made follow ups or maybe did not submit our petition for us to at least live where he resides, or at least have a vacation but there are times that I can’t help to think for us to get a chance, I just don’t know how or when.

I get envious with wives out there who were able to step up, whose family is intact at least. I am envious of those families who at least can get a vacation outside of the country or live outside the country. But they said that we don’t have the right to complain but thankful enough for what we have. Don’t get me wrong I am thankful for the blessings that GOD always bestowed on us, I am thankful that my husband never failed to support us, I am thankful that my kids are with me. It is just that sometimes, I asked why others can have it and I can’t.

One of my friends told me that she’d never lose hope for us, she knew that we can get there I hope it is easy as that. But I know we can’t, we never submitted anything to begin with so how can we? Most often than not, I just lift it all up to the LORD, if GOD want us to stay so be it, I know his plans is bigger than what I have. But I hope at least my youngest daughter have an option, I hope she will have the chance to explore, I hope her opportunity will get broad; I hope my husband will at least think of the possibilities for her. I hope we all have the resources to do all the things we needed to do.

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The Never Not Love You Reviews

It was a date indeed, even though I was all alone when I watched the Never Not Love You, I still enjoyed it. I was planning to tag along my nieces but besides of I didn’t have a budget for them, one of my nieces has work at that time. So after I and Mj bought some groceries, I went out again and went to the mall right away to watch the most awaited movie.

I seated all alone, good thing my nieces weren’t with me because if they were there I am sure they would tease me and make fun of me. Darn, I was like kilig, then laugh, then cry and then kilig again, laugh again and then cry again. It was like a roller coaster ride, mixed emotions in just one whole movie. The simplicity of the film makes it more enticing! No wonder why there were many good reviews regarding the movie. And one of them is Direk Rowel Santiago and Direk Irene Villamor


As honest as the film is, I have to say that this is the first time that I have watched a JaDine film – whose trailer appealed to me and from there I knew it has something new to offer.
Credit the writer-director @tonet_jadaone who was in charge of the JaDine loveteam from their first hit teleserye “On The Wings Of Love” and saw through their rather colorful journey towards finishing this film.
NEVER NOT LOVE YOU is teeming with truth, sincerity and honesty on the struggles of a young long distance relationship. A very crisp, dynamic, never simplistic, nor melodramatic, seeping take on a modern love story. It is as real as it gets. And you know that there is a director in control of her material.
Kudos goes to the competent cast led by @james & @nadine and to VIVA films that believes in artistic freedom which brought to us this much-realized, “different” romantic film. KEEP IT REAL.

So many things that this movie can offer especially for our young couple who thought that the most important thing in the world is you and him/her and your love for each other,  In real world, life won’t work that way. For you to gain the real love you deserve, one should make sacrifices for it to work and for both to stay longer. These are only two good reviews that I gathered but there are more in social Medias and all of it praised the Director of the film and the characters as well. Kudos to James and Nadine! I am telling you the story line of this movie is just so PERFECT!

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Never Not Love You Nationwide!

Even though there are so many rumors and speculations that the movie will be cancelled because of some circumstances finally, they are open now in Cinemas nationwide. So Jadines’, don’t fail to watch it today 03/31/2018.

#NeverNotLoveYou, showing now!

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