That Makes You Older

I always was my clothes repeatedly, even though I had it like years ago. I don’t actually care if it is out of fashion or not as long as I am very comfortable with it, which matters always.

Here are some styles that make you older:

Reading Glasses, if you really need to wear them pick little reading eyeglasses that perched on your nose. You don’t need to have a bigger frame if it doesn’t need at all.

Avoid the color gray hair, I understand it’s a trend today but when you are aged you don’t have to follow the trends. I mean gray color can make you even older than your age. I am telling you even though it is the trend, you may look older if you wear them.

Mom jean is totally out of style. Pet leg jean with a high waist is what they called Mom Jean. I know you are already used to it but you need to move on. So quit wearing this, you might be a laughing stock.


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Making Goals With Your Friends

I am sure that you and your friends are so into music so why not attend some local gigs in your town. This can give you and your squad an inspiration to write when you listen to soulful music. And when you write you can record your own song too, upload your music online for the world to hear.

Halloween is fast approaching so gather your friends and attend or host a costume party. You can convince your buddies to wear a costume as X-men, Avengers or Sailor Moon squad.

When you are not busy or no school or no work at all, get a girls day out. This must be so enjoyable for the whole gang this is way much better having a date with your crush. This is a BFF’s goal. Why not book a full spa package. It can be fun especially after the manicure, pedicure and massage, set a movie night at home.


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The Musical Perception Meme

My eldest daughter first performance for playing a guitar was during her recital. After that she did not perform on the stage at all. But recently, she was one of the members in their school band. They joined the school band competition during their Buwanang Wika program and again I was not able to watch her performed because I have work. But even so, I was so proud of her especially when they won the contest. I didn’t have the budget to buy anything new to her. But with the help of her classmates she still look so awesome, she is wearing the polo from her cousin and the pair of jeans that was given to her from her best friend.

 photo 14522973_10210173426588245_7581845044262873965_n.jpg

1. Where did you grow up? I grow up in the province, it is like 12 hour drive from there to where I live

2. Where do you live now? In the city

3. What do you think about religion? They should respect each other faith

4. When did you start using online social media? 2008

5. What did you study to be? A Mascom, I always wanted to be a newscaster

6. How are you at this point of your career? Average

7. Do you use your real name on a blog? No

9. Do people you work with read your blog? Nope

10. Are you on the job market? Nope

11. If you could go back in time to meet someone famous but now deceased, who would it be? Michael Jackson

Join the fun here.

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Team Real For Cosmopolitan Mag

I think most of you know already that I am a fan with this ‘Team Real’ love team. This month they have so many magazine cover that we have to catch up. Thank GOD after I bought the Candy Magazine feature Nadine and her best friend Yassi, I was able to grab one copy for Cosmopolitan. I almost done reading her part, next time I will read the rest.

 photo IMG_0171.jpg

This is Nadine’s 2nd cover magazine with Cosmopolitan this year

 photo IMG_0172.jpg

James for Cosmo Men Magazine cover

Just today, I was able to purchased their concert ticket that will be held on October 14 Jadine In Love the Philippine Tour. I am so excited, I can’t wait!

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