For Your Table Linens

Whenever you are getting ready to entertain guests or host a dinner, how often have you said to yourself, “It’s time to break out the good dishes?”  I do it every time, but it does not stop there, have to dig out the nice silverware and table linens.  Our dining room table has two inserts for expansion and we have seating for four to eight persons.  For four we would want to use 72 inch” table linens.  When we set the table, not only should the place setting look nice and proper (china, silverware and glasses), the table linens should enhance the look and dining experience.

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Her Two Head Caps

Yesterday, during competition Mj tried to look for head caps in Ying Fa, they had a display there and she was hoping she can find a head cap for her. But to her disappointment, she was not able to find what she is looking for. She was checking in a reversible type of head cap but sad to say they don’t have one available, even the bubble the head cap, they don’t offer it. So we decided to wait until we can check it in Speedo, and so she was able to find two types of Head caps, the bubble type and the reversible one.

 photo IMG_2301_zps07a6103e.jpg

This is her bubble type, this is heavier than the usual one so she would only use this during training.

 photo IMG_2302_zpsa85c30ed.jpg

This is the reversible head cap, see the green one this time later when you reverse this cap it will turn into:

 photo IMG_2303_zps342e83b7.jpg

The black is appearing when you have to reverse it, black this time.

 photo IMG_2300_zps603683f3.jpg

Speedo has been used for swimmers for so many years now.

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A New Head Cap For Next Month’s Competition

And because Mj will join the Batang Pinoy 2014, where it will held in Pagadian, I need to buy her two head caps. Why it was two? Oh well, it is because the old one was busted and she needs extra head caps during competition. I am planning to buy her head caps next week, maybe tomorrow. She is asking for reversible type of head caps.  She saw that head cap from her team mate and she likes it. I even asked her why didn’t she buy it when she just got back, she said that not yet available that time. We don’t have much budget but since she needs it, I will have to spend extra on Saturday.

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Make It Right

Don’t you know that the way you brush your hair can also cause dandruff? So when you do the stroking of brushing your hair, make it right. One of the causes of dandruff is the oil clogs up your pores on your scalp; this is one of the ways that would cause your dead skin to accumulate. To prevent it to becoming dandruff, you should brush your hair from the roots to hair ends. This would help the oil in your scalp to spread fairly through your hair. However you have to be careful when brushing, make it gentle and not harsh because it may over stimulate the oil glands to work harder than it does normally. And it will make dandruff even worse.

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