The Life Of Being A Working Mom

I am so busy nowadays not to mention that I have to finish my task online. It is late already and yet I did not sleep yet. My daughter wanted to use the computer but she doesn’t have any option but to wait. I am so doomed because this blog template got messed up. On the other hand, I almost finish here so my daughter can now search for a new guitar online. She has been eyeing this particular guitar in, good thing though that it is Saturday and she can sleep late since there will be no school tomorrow. Good for them bad for me because I have work later yet. Geez the life of being a working Mom.

Common Problem Styles For Moms

I am sure that most of moms out there putting themselves last because we always prioritize our kids’ first needs. We always thought that they are most important so it can be clothes or some other things, we always think of them first. I was in the mall one day and I really wanted to buy a pair of jeans but I can’t do it because I know my daughter needs them first so I just set myself aside and bought something for them.

Our common styles problems are that:

After we wore those maternity dresses during pregnancy, don’t wear them at all after 3 months after you deliver your baby. Maternity dresses can be comfy but I think it is time for you to look for dresses that are not those for maternity at all. Empire waists is okay but look for tops that don’t have gathering as it will only add fullness in the middle. Wrap tops are good to look at most likely those are cross higher on the rib cage so the leanest part of your body will be form so well.



Tips for Dressing Fashionably

Trends are often changing, and it can be difficult to stay updated on current fashion styles. When you are shopping for pieces to add to your wardrobe, you should be certain to select options that emphasis your best features. You can find pieces that complement you and enhance your appearance dramatically.

Focus On Your Features
Take a moment to think about the parts of your body that you like the most. If you like your legs, then you may want to select skirts for your wardrobe. Wearing skirts can bring attention to your legs. If you do not like your legs, then you may want to consider wearing high heels or heeled boots that can elongate your legs for you. Perhaps you are most proud of your toned arms. If you want to showcase your arms, then you can choose sleeveless tops that will bring attention to this area. Decide what you want people to focus on when they see you and keep this in mind when you select your wardrobe options.

Pick Your Colors
You should also decide which colors look best on you. Your favorite colors may not always look best on you, which means you should be open to several options. Darker tones usually look good on almost everyone, but yellow or brighter shades may not look as flattering. Don’t be afraid to try bright shades, but recognize which colors work best for you. Once you have decided which colors look best on you, then you can select clothing that will bring positive attention to you.

Research the Trends
Once you have decided which style and colors you prefer, then you can see what popular trends will suit you. For example, clothing with lace accents has become popular. Skirts with a lace overlay or tops with lace sleeves may fit into your wardrobe well. Some fashion lines, such as romeo and Juliet couture clothing, offer pieces that feature lace.

Be sure to pick pieces that are comfortable and that give you confidence. If you feel most confident wearing your favorite colors, then you should wear them. You will ultimately look best in whatever clothes make you feel confident.

And That’s What I Wanted

I thought to just leave it to my manita/manito of what gifts they could give me but I changed my mind, I posted what I wanted. I went to the mall and checked what things I’d like have on our Christmas party. And I choose the lipstick from Revlon. I posted it right away to our board.

I didn’t know that it was one of my friends who picked my name. Good thing during my leave, he asked my friends on the floor to go with him to check that lipstick from Revlon. They purchased it right away; the lipstick has a free nail polish, which I also like very much

So the gift I received was the one I wanted on Christmas, thank you my Manito for completing my wish list.

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