Anti Age Your Mind

Yes you can prevent aging by doing something that is unfamiliar to you. Like for example if you haven’t try playing a piano then try it. Or if in case you want to learn how to swim this summer then go for it. Some expert says that  essentially the most powerful day-to-day approach to strengthen brain purpose is actually to pay attention to completely new things, whether it’s finding out this violin or just watching what is considered with your peripheral imaginative and prescient vision when you stroll across the street. So try or learn new things that you haven’t experience before, I tell you this is more exciting than doing the things that is already a routine for you.

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Selfie Time For Both Of Us

It was the recognition day of my daughter just last week, dang I forgot again to bring my camera. Yeah even in every occasion I always forgot my camera good thing I have my cellphone with me although yeah good shots should be with a Digi cam and not in a phone. So since I was the only one attended Mj’s recognition day as always, I just took my phone and took a picture of us two after she received her medal. This is what you called Selfie, it is just that there is the two of us; thanks to Selfie at least we had a remembrance for her recognition day.

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You Can Fight Aging While Sleeping

Don’t you know that snoozing in a particular position can lead to wrinkles; the best position for you not to have lines is sleeping on your back. Side lying can give you lines, the sleeping lines can mark on your cheeks and chin, sleeping with face-down can get you a furrowed brow. Sleeping on your back will have less sleeping line although you  may not stay this way all night but you should avoid pressing against a surface is good for your face. Consider also purchasing a satin or silk pillow cases as they are less abrasive on your skin than cotton fabrics.

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Attire For Hospitality Workers

Some businesses require that employees wear specific attire such as uniforms. It’s important for workers in the hospitality industry to wear the appropriate apparel and clothing when serving customers. For example, upscale restaurants usually have wait staff that is dressed in a particular uniforms that may include aprons, tuxedos and vests. Traditionally, black pants and white shirts are worn by restaurant waiters and waitresses. However the color scheme of such uniforms can be customized according to a restaurant’s brand and image. For example, all black attires could be combined with ties of specific colors. Such a contrast can create the perfect combination that reflects a company’s logo and overall theme.

Female workers in the hospitality industry may wear uniforms that are made of silk and other lavish materials. For example, silk blouses and shirts are available in bright colors such as purple, pink and red. Young ladies may be encouraged to wear uniforms that include short sleeve shirts and skirts that reach below the knees. Striped shirts are more appropriate for upscale venues rather than restaurants. Averill’s Sharper Uniforms are examples of custom apparel that is available for workers in various hospitality industries.

Some uniforms may be embroidered with custom names of workers or companies. For example, the front of a shirt could clearly display the brand name of a restaurant or hotel. A name tag may be attached to the shirt in order to officially identify a worker. Metal style ID tags can be pinned to a uniform shirt.

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