To Perform Well

The boss gt-8 is recommended for those who are into playing guitar. It is needed so to balance the sensing modes which help you channel your melody. I am not sure if how it is being used but I am sure my eldest daughter knows how to use it. Yes my eldest daughter is so expert when it comes to playing guitar; she is a total pro that sometimes I would like her to enhance it more. But of course with the help of some accessories out, you can likely enhance the sounds of your guitar. I didn’t expect my daughter to know it all, at first she was just want to learn the basic but right after, she learned to know everything and that includes what accessories she should have so to perform well.

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It Is Just Not Now

Yesterday was very down moment for me as a Mom, I found out my eldest daughter lied to me and I am so disappointed. It is my rule to have no boyfriend while they are still studying, I mean until at least she will finish college but I found out she already have. She’s only 15 years old and I am so surprised that she did not even let me know, I always confronted her of it before but she said she doesn’t have anyone and yet I found out through text.

I gave her the ultimatum but it seems like she is persistent, I talked to the guy on the phone and told him to stop because they are still so young. They need to concentrate on their studies, the guy seemed understand everything but I felt so frustrated that my daughter did not.

I cried the whole night; I could not even sleep with what she showed me, it feels like she doesn’t need me anymore. So I worked without talking to her at all. Today I and my niece went out grocery shopping after work. I even told her that I don’t like to go home anymore, I don’t want to see my daughter, and I am really disappointed and so scared of her. And because it is approaching New Year already, the grocery is jam-packed with shoppers. We got home dark already; actually I don’t have sleep yet. I need to sleep for work later. On the other hand, when I went to the bedroom, my eldest daughter approached me and said sorry. I gave in; I cried in front of her, I told her everything inside me and my fear. She cried too and said she will not do it again, she said she understand what I am trying to show her, and I said she is really not allowed yet to have a boyfriend because of the fact that she is still so young. She needs to prove to me that she is already responsible and that she can finish college. I don’t care of what her boyfriend looks like or whoever he will be but I asked her to obey my rules and to finish her studies first and after she can do whatever she want to do. Even though she will forget me afterwards as long as she will be okay and I am fine already.

All I want for my kids is to have a great life in the future without any regrets because they did not follow my advice to them. I don’t want them to stumble because if they will I may not be able to walk anymore. They are my strength, without them I will be so weak. I explained to her everything why she can’t have a boyfriend yet, boyfriend will come in the right time. It is just not now.


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Take It Easy Self!

I am a Mother, of course I worried.

I tried to understand everything but there are times that I get to my limit, especially when it is something to do with my kids. I’d been asking these or even begged to have our youngest daughter applied for CRBA or Consular Report of Birth Abroad yet until now it is not done. If only I have the power or authority to apply my youngest daughter for CRBA I could have done it a long time ago but I don’t have so I relied on you and until now you still didn’t do it.

You are disappointed that I opened the topic this week because it’s Christmas. Yeah it is Christmas and you are the one who supposed to give us the news that you have done something good for our youngest daughter at least. I didn’t already insist of you getting me a spousal visa, or adopt my eldest daughter but I hope you will not deny our youngest daughter’s right. You keep on saying that she will be fine; of course she is fine but please mind her future. She has the right for CRBA.

Thank you for supporting us all the way, I always thankful for that. I don’t have any papers with me that you will support us forever and I hope you won’t stop. I am doing my best to help with our expenses, you noticed I went back to work, I sacrifice to be with our kids because I know you can’t afford anymore. My mind tells me of something else but I am trying to erase it in my mind, I hold the thought that you cared and love our youngest daughter so much. But there are times that I can’t help thinking that way.

On the other hand, whatever happens I hope before something will happen, you already fulfill of what you have promised us. Not the spousal visa or the adoption as that what one of your promises, I am already losing hope for that but please apply our youngest daughter’s CRBA, she have all the rights.


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Lights On/Off Shoes

 photo 15672867_10211056107414714_6606677846805303358_n_zpsdy8cbrux.jpg

Mj was the first one who opened a gift last Christmas; Faith was the next one in the morning. She is so amazed with the pair of rubber shoes I gave, simply because it lit up when I push a button inside the shoes. The only problem is the size, it doesn’t have allowance at all and I can’t exchange it because I lost the official receipt. Too bad, anyway, I’ll just let her use it every now and then so her feet will get used to it.

When she woke up yesterday morning, I told her to take a bath right away after breakfast because I have a surprise for her. She did follow my instructions right away, She don’t let the chance slipped away before she forgot everything, she knows what she will get but she doesn’t know what was the style of the shoes I will give her.

Definitely when she saw the pair of shoes, since it lit up she felt so delighted. Thank GOD that my daughter likes it.

I also love the color of the shoes, it fits her tiny feet. Faith, took a pose for me after I told her to try it on.

 photo 15697328_10211056108694746_4756383505258849530_n_zpsmaemoztc.jpg

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