Planning To Watch A Movie Today

I learned that the “Left Behind” book authored by Tim Hayes will be in a movie. I have watched the trailer last week and the movie is showing since last week. We supposed to watch it last Saturday but I am so busy with Faith plus Mj had a recollection to attend to. So my friend called me and suggests a day and that day is today. I can’t skip this movie, not now I wanna know if the movie was able to justify the book. The book was very interesting; you can’t even put the book down when you start reading it. I actually finished the Book 2 and now I am looking forward to read for the 3rd book, however I am opt to cheap ones not the expensive so I am still looking.

I know I have to be thrifty and to save more so to use the funds for emergency. But sometimes since I can’t sleep anymore thinking about our problem, I think I needed a break, just for one hour at least I will forget our problem. I know this doesn’t solve our problem but if I ever skip watching this movie, I may regret it in the end and would always ask “what if”.

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Because She Behaved

We just had a seminar in the Occupational Therapist today, they tackled about how to understand hyperactive sensitive and hypo sensitive kids. We had an interesting topic about their behavior and how to treat them. I learned a lot today while Faith is having fun in the other room with her teachers. Right after Kaakbay we went to the mall, we had lunch and claimed the funds that my husband wired us to pay partial for the house. I decided to skipped the training in Tagum tomorrow since Faith was so behave in the bank, she just sat down in the chair and did not talk to anyone. I think the seminar that I had today was effective because I applied it to her right away. And since Faith was behaved I told her we will buy her a pair of shoes, a rubber shoes since the one that she had is very old already. She is so happy and delighted. When we were already looking for a nice rubber shoes, she had a special request to the attendant, she asked of a pair of shoes that will light when she will stump. She wants tiny lights but sad to say they don’t have that available; she can’t do anything but to choose the shoes that just light without those tiny lights she mentioned. Here’s her new pair of shoes.

 photo IMG_0077_zps65a4c3dc.jpg

The cute pink box

 photo IMG_0079_zpsa2d3e190.jpg

And the cute pink rubber shoes

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Tubes Can Be Both Work And Parties

Tube can be very expose or too sexy especially when you go to work but a tube can give you a demure look as well when in the office just put a blazer on or a jacket and you will have a decent look. The classy tube dress works as well for parties so when an unplanned gimmick will occur with friends. Just take off your blazer and you are good to go. Dark gray tube would be more classy if you would match it with gold color bracelet and a clutch that is color black, high heels that are color black as well could also be a perfect match.

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Girls Bonding Moment

Its holiday today and it is unplanned that our friend Joyce and her kids will be staying at home overnight. Yesterday after the DAPRISA Swim Off in Green Heights. The kids of Joyce wanted to invite Mj to stay at their house overnight but I didn’t say yes so they asked me if they can go with us in our house. It would be better if they will stay with us overnight and besides this plan has been overdue. Yes ever since Arisa and Yuna want to have an overnight stay in our house. The kids had many plans to do since yesterday, they sang videoke, then they played guitar, the played games and then last night they watched a movie while I and their mom is in the living room watching also a comedy movie. Today, they went to the club house to swim, right after breakfast Mj tag them along in the club house. While me and their Mom still watched a movie “The Fault in our Stars” this time. I planned to go out today, but because of this rare opportunity to bond with them, I set my appointment aside. We had so much fun, the talks were like forever and I hope this would happen again.

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