Pre-Loved Clothes To Sell

My niece decided to sell some of her clothes. These clothes are not over used though. She loves to shop and I suggested since the clothes does not fit anymore to her closet. These are some clothes that she sells if anyone who is interested just contact me.

 photo IMG_0411_zpsc3b9a7a9.jpg

I’ll be posting pictures the clothes individually next post. This is it for now, I hope you are interested.

P.S. I can assure you that they don’t cost too much.

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Want To Know Mj?

Oh no, not my Mj but Mj Lastimosa who is in Doral, Miami to compete for Ms. Universe. Here are some insights of her life I got from Yahoo.

She grew up away from her family. She lives in Manila for a while when she was a kid, then they transferred to South Cotabato. And she studied college in Davao City. Her Dad is an arabian, and her mother is a Filipina. All of her siblings are in Saudi.

She played xylophone on the third grade.

She’s a vegetarian, no wonder her body is amazingly curvy. She craves salad especially greek salad.

She loves music and oftentimes buy CD’s, she does not download music but really buy the artist’s album.

She’s the classic type. She is always simple, she does not want her clothes to be the center of her outfit but her simplicity.

Those were only 5 things, there are 5 more to follow but if you can’t wait anymore just visit the yahoo page.

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Tying A Knot

Last year, there were many showbiz couple tied a knot. TV’s and social medias are so up to date when it comes to who among them would tie a knot. Of course many were also engaged, over pouring joy have seen on the faces of the bride to be when they were surprised by their partners of the engagement ring. Varieties were shown in TV on how they were able to set up their proposal, there was a dance mob, one was just a simply family gathering and one was announced in national TV. After the proposal, they were looking for a perfect gold wedding rings. I remember mine was a simple one, a gold wedding ring, just like my mother’s when she was still alive. I wonder where is it now?

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It Helped Me A Lot

Among the things that my sister sent us is the clothes rack. I just love it because I can hang the clothes anywhere as it is easy to move because of the wheel at the bottom. Geez, I have so many things I needed to laundry because of the clothes she sent us, I am not complaining though but my back is already hurting. LOL!

 photo 14cf9d0f-a0b4-46de-8900-14ff9041a0d2_zps61048211.jpg

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