Bought Her A Pair Of School Shoes

Recently, I wanted to buy a new pair of jeans. I almost bought one, but I said it could wait maybe on the next payday. The payday came but I have to pay some bills and the house. So I thought maybe I can buy that jeans I like when my husband will wire me some money but my youngest daughter pair of school shoes got busted. I thought to have it repair but my husband suggested to buy a new pair of shoes. So I went to the mall that day right away and bought her the pair of shoes. So the plan of buying myself a pair of shoes was set aside.

I guess this is what mothers always do; they have to set aside what they want to give what the kids’ needs. I bought Faith a bit expensive shoes, I know I have to buy the cheapest shoes but I changed my mind because I know it will just get busted too soon, it will be a waste of time and money then because I will end up buying another pair again.

Gibi is known for its quality, I found one pair and I thought Faith will like it. The thing about this pair of shoes is it has heels and my youngest daughter doesn’t like it. She said it is a bit loose to her, I told her she will outgrow it soon. But she keeps on complaining, she said she likes the old pair, so I told her if she would insist on wearing the older one, it will going to hurt her feet because the sole gave up.

I hope though that she will wear it tomorrow.


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It Would Hold Her Interest Better

My husband thinks our youngest would enjoy playing the xylophone.  Her violin efforts are progressing but he thinks that learning a new instrument such as the xylophone would hold her interest better.  She is a very active girl and there is a wide range of Orff instruments and accessories that we can choose from.  Our youngest is a very active girl and my husband feels that the violin is a bit to “mundane” for her and that she would find it more it more interesting to get learn an instrument that she can “bang” on.  He reminded me that one of her favorite toys as a toddler was a toy piano.  In his mind it is logical for her to like the xylphone.

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Team Real Book: I Have It!

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I had been looking for this book for how many weeks already. I felt envy with those in the north because they have all the access while in our place we have to wait for National Bookstore to receive their stocks. Even in Fully Book they don’t have the stocks either. So when one posted the Team Real Book available in Abreeza, since my work is just in the same building I looked for the stand, I mean yeah it is not in a National Bookstore or Bookshop, they have these different displays of Magazines, Books and stuffs and one of them is the Team Real Book. I can’t contain my happiness, even though their price is P100.00 higher, I just have to get it. I don’t want to wait in vain at all, I need to have the copy so I can read it myself and when I have the chance, I grabbed it right away. And here is my Team Real Book! Wooahh!! Nadine I just love your outfit and stuffs, your being so down to earth and your family too. I like your beauty it is simple but Geez she even gets prettier the longer you stare at her. For James, he is freaking hot, I mean the handsome face is given, but when you read his story, you get to know the real him more. That’s why I love these two, they are just so real. You can find also some tips to beautify ourselves, tips that is effective and you can also learn what are the ritual they are doing why they have clear pores even they are working 24/7.

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Find the Right Kiosk for Your Food Service

Whether you’re currently operating a kiosk or you’re getting ready to start a new endeavor, finding a quality food court kiosk is important. There are a number of factors that should be considered before making a purchase. For example, you’ll need to calculate the amount of prep space you’ll need as well as storage, equipment space, and, of course, your budget. Food courts are often milling with hungry shoppers, so the right setup can often be a lucrative operation, but it’s important to plan carefully.

What features do you need in your kiosk?
Every vendor will have their own unique requirements based on the type of food products they’ll be selling as well as the location and anticipated customer base. Some features to look for include solid construction, available signage, hot/cold serving equipment and custom design options. Its’ also essential that you make sure that the kiosk you purchase meets all fire and safety regulations as well as the requirements for the location where your kiosk will operate.

Indoor or Outdoor Food Kiosk?
It’s important to know whether you’ll be operating your kiosk indoors or outdoors. The type of equipment as well as licensing and other restrictions must be understood and strictly adhered to. A food kiosk is typically considered a mobile food service operation and must meet these guidelines. Consider factors such as electrical power, gas for cooking, water, refrigeration and other needs when determining the right kiosk for your business.

Design and Signage for Your Kiosk
In a food court, you’re likely going to have plenty of competition in trying to attract hungry customers. Choose a vendor, such as All Star Carts & Kiosks to help you outfit your kiosk for the greatest customer appeal. While you’ll certainly have many options in choosing signage, such as digital menus, you’ll also have a plethora of design options. It’s important that your kiosk is able to attract the attention of potential customers and give a favorable impression that will encourage them to make a fast buying decision. From classic styling to funky designs, choose your style to fit your business and customer base.

When starting a food service business, make sure that you fully understand all requirements for your location as well as the safety and equipment requirements for your kiosk. You should also carefully choose your kiosk design and features to attract potential customers.

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