Remember Mickey? Here He Is

Yesterday I bought this shirt in one of the malls here. Don’t you know this is hard to find, I mean there are some available but mostly they are for kids.

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Mickey Mouse At Work

We have this Disney theme at work in which we need to decorate some Disney Princess. We were assigned for Frozen. We finished decorating though and today, I went to the mall to hopefully buy a shirt that has the print of Mickey Mouse. I visited number of Malls already but unfortunately I could not find what I am looking for. Not to mention, we have to wear it tonight so I really need to buy to participate this fun event.

My friend asked me if I can buy also one for him too. Good thing though that this mall have Mickey Mouse shirt available but the size is only for girls, which means to say I could not buy my friend one. I choose one of my favorite colors; this shirt can also be used during ordinary days at work. Yeah the style serves double purpose.

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A Beginner

Faith is having a hard time holding her violin on her neck and now she is aiming to learn how to play a trumpet. Oh well I am not sure though if I will buy a trumpet for her because I am worried that once she finds out that it will be hard for her, she will stop right away. Hmmm maybe then I will buy her a beginner trumpet so if she will not continue it, it is not that painful for me. But on the second though she should make up her mind of what she would like next school year otherwise I will be doomed. You see our budget is so tight, one more instrument to buy will be very very a heavy in my pocket, so trumpet for beginner that is.

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How Important It Is For Me To Sleep

Geez I need to sleep right now but I am not yet done here. Anyway one last post and I am done, need to sleep. I had been depriving my sleep this past few days and I know it is not good. I am just too busy to sleep. I know how important it is for me to sleep but I just don’t have time. I wanna look  young, they said if you have 8 to 9 hours of sleep, you will never look haggard. I have to look young, so I will be inspired working. How I wish I will just work at home, but I know we are going there, I just need to have a determination. I will have a training maybe, and I know I am done of going out because of work.

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