Everyone Is So Excited To Wear Their New Clothes

Everyone is so excited to go out today as they will be able to wear their new clothes sent from Sister Lilian in Singapore. Yes we will go out today as I promised the kids to watch movie when we have money. My husband sent me enough for it so I dragged the kids to watch a movie.

Faith is wearing her pink jumper and she matched it with white guess shirt, Mj is wearing her pink shorts and she matched it with pink shirt, she wore a black inner since the neck part is too showy, Mariel is wearing a white shirt and jeans and of course I wore a lose blouse. All of these were from the package.

I have to grab this opportunity to thank my sister of the package she sent us, everyone loved it and so excited to wear it when we go out.

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Keeping Your Golf Carts In Prime Condition

One of the main attractions to any golf course is that of the cart itself. Most people prefer to drive around the course and would rather do so in comfort. It’s never good business should a cart fail somewhere in the middle of the course forcing the patron to walk the rest of the way. In fact, some golfers could become downright irate should something like this happen.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your golf carts should be a primary concern for your maintenance staff. This could require extensive testing and cleaning of the vehicle in order to ensure it remains in prime condition. Using websites such as BlockbusterGolfCarts.com can help you keep those carts in working order by suppling your staff with the parts they need for repairs.

Why You Should Hold Extra Parts

Not every golf course holds repair parts for broken down carts. However, doing so can help your staff keep those carts on the course rather than sitting and waiting for parts to be shipped in. During the high points of the golfing season, your course may need every cart available as people come expecting a certain level of professionalism and comfort. If your facility doesn’t have enough vehicles for everyone, it could be bad for business.

Although golf carts can be incredibly resilient considering the usage these vehicles are put through, breakdowns are inevitable. Make sure your staff keeps a maintenance routine for carts in order to keep them on the course and out of the garage.

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New Clothes Needed To Be Washed

We are too busy here at home, me especially as I have to do the laundry of all the clothes that my sister sent to us. Most of them is not washable in washing machine because if we do that, all the clothes will be stretched, and maybe it will ripped. So we have to be very extra careful about it. I mean I didn’t buy the kids any new clothes and this will be their Christmas present already. I am done already washing I and the kids clothes, next will be my niece clothes, she just put it on the dining chair, so I have to take care of it really soon. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year too!

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They Reminded Me Of Them

 photo IMG_0344.jpg

Just like last year some of my niece friends in high school went to the house to celebrate Christmas with us. They don’t arrive like 12 midnight but at least passed 12 in the morning, they are here and mostly they spent the whole night here. They will get home at around 6 in the morning.

This Christmas two of them went here at past 1 in the morning. After eating, they went outside to chat and have fun, my daughter and I just stayed in the living room to sing karaoke. When we could not help to wide our eyes open, we call it a night right away.

The next day, one of Mariel’s classmates went here for a visit too, she is the girl in the picture with my niece, and their friendship lasted for many years already. It is her first time to visit the house; she was not able to visit the house that we rented before. How I wish to have a reunion with my high school friends, they reminded me of them.

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