The Busy Mom Is A Professional Driver Too

It is late already, I am too tired from doing laundry this morning, cooking breakfast, do some house chores, sending Faith to school, picking her up, sending Mj to the pool and picking her up. Almost every night I am a total knock out, I would crawl over my bed to sleep but why I am still here, oh well I don’t have time for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the competition of Mj for her swimming. And I will be driving there, the place is a bit far, actually it is already outside Davao City. I supposed not to drive there but I have to try it otherwise I can’t overcome my fear to drive in a far place. I also wanna try it so I should have an ample of rest for the big day tomorrow not only for my daughter but for me as the official driver. If I could ever make it, I could already say to myself that I am indeed a professional driver.

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Yoga And The Short History Of It

Yoga is for the physical, mental and spiritual so when you do Yoga you practice the 3 aspects, which can help you lose weight. Transforming your body and mind is the first thing that the Yoga can do for you. Anyway Yoga was originated in India but some said that Yoga was first found around 500 B.C.  The same time of Gautama, the Buddha, Gautama is the founder of Buddhism.

There are paths that can connect to the origin of Yoga; there is Sanskrit, civilization and etc., etc. I guess if you would like to know the beyond infinity of the Yoga, you might want to write a book about yoga but if you are only hearing what’s Yoga can do for you:

The Benefits of Yoga:

It can manage stress

Weight reduction

If you are in deeper practice it can eliminate toxins in your body.

It can help you with muscle strength and tone

It can increase endurance

Abdominals will be refined

So why don’t you try yoga now for exercise. It will not be easy in the beginning but I am sure you will enjoy it especially when you already see the result.

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Dating The Right Person For The Rest Of Your Life

People spend a great deal of timing searching for the right person to marry. Men and women alike are very concerned about finding the right mate, but it can be hard for certain people. There is no shame is getting help for dating problems, and a service like New York Socials can change lives when people take the dating advice that is offered. Matchmaking is a time-honored tradition, and getting help from a professional could be the beginning of the last relationship someone will ever be in.

For Men

Men can date as many women as they like, but men must look past the physical attributes of women. A matchmaker can pair men with women who are stimulating, intelligent, have similar interests and are willing to be challenging. Men are often afraid to approach women who have these attributes, but a matchmaker can bring a man together with a woman who is his perfect complement.

For Women

Women have a hard time dating because culture objectifies women, but women can be paired with respectful and successful men through this type of service. The women who come to this type of service will find that the men they meet are much different than the men that approach them in bars. 


Men and women have the right to keep dating after a first date, but men and women also have the right to ask for a different mate after a first date. The dating service is willing to make changes for each person to bring together a much better match. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best, and the dating service will work hard to offer the best coupling possible.

When people use a matchmaker service, they get the opportunity to meet someone they could not have found on their own. Dating is hard for some people, and there are times when it is better for someone to have a little assistance. The matchmaker is an expert in dating, relationships and pairings. When people get the help of a dating service, they can leave the dating scene and settle down for good.

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Don’t Stop Dating, Simpler Ways Can do

I have two kids, the eldest is a grown up already even though how I put in my mind that she is still my baby but I have to accept the fact that she is now a teenager. I am just here at home taking good care of my kids, and so I already forgot how to date, yes I’m a happy married wife however I realized that sometimes we need also to go out with our husband alone for a date. It is time for starting fresh together, I mean my husband and I never dated already since we have baby Faith, we just spend our life together at home with kids and when we go out, it is always with them. Dating with our husband for once in a while can also help us to find a way to make spark fly again.

Here are some tips to find an exciting moment even you still have little kids with you, or teenagers that you would always worry for. Remember not to stop dating, I mean dating is not always you have to spend more money or to go to an extravagant restaurant, simpler date can do to rekindle yourselves, do not forget that even though you are covered with baby spit ups, your husband would still think that you are the most beautiful woman on earth and he is lucky because he have you always.

So you are a stay at home mom, why don’t you watch for deals online. Deals for dining perhaps, I am sure you will get some discounts over the Internet; you just have to be resourceful when searching for promos in dining.

You can also note down not so expensive dates, like going to the ice cream parlor or spend time together in the massage treats. If you don’t have enough budgets for small treats, you can save like a peso a day would not harm your pocket at all. Then when you are ready for a date with your husband you can get the budget from your piggy bank or saving jar.

Spend at home sometimes alone, if the grandparents of your kids are still alive you could send your kids there for a night. I am sure you are not only giving yourself a treat but your parents or parents in law as well. I am sure they miss their grandchildren a lot. You can return home with DVD’s on hand and treat your husband for movie marathon at home, or prepare your table with candles and home cooked dinner.

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