Couple Shirt For These Girls

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During Mj’s birthday one of the gifts, she received from her friend in the team is this shirt. Her friend also had this kind of shirt and she bought it the same time when she bought hers. And she also wore it during Mj’s birthday and when Mj saw her gift from her and she learned that her friend wore the same shirt after the training she wore it right away. So during the celebration they have the same shirt and they called it couple shirt. LOL

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Romantic Hairstyles This Valentines Day

So you have a date on Valentine’s Day yet you don’t know how to fix your hair? I mean you know straight hair can be already boring while curly hair is like you are over doing it oh well there are hairstyles can look romantic when you go out on a date. Just like:

Nearly undone knot, it is like wispy framing curls can give you fresh and relax feeling. You would not be too obvious that you are already overly stressed preparing this day. With that look, your date would not notice it however you will feel calm and sexy.

So how will you do it?

Create a side part using your finger; since the part is not super defined it will give the eyes to travel to the face first. You may need a curling iron this time because you have to tease the crown then smooth the top layer over with a comb. You can gather hair at the nape and secure it with elastic.  Tease the ponytail a little bit and put a hairspray make sure it is non-sticky.

More tips here:

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Toni G Is Engaged

Last year there were many showbiz couple had engaged and this year if we thought they gave it a break nope it is not because Toni just spread the news on the buzz that yes she was engaged last January 21, the reason why she was not seen to host the buzz last Sunday. Many speculations gathered around and yes one of them was right she is engaged. Even I am already married, I still giggled with their love story and how was Paul able to bring it up on her birthday. As a mother this is the kind of person or man that I like my daughter to meet if of course when they are already on the right age. I mean waiting for 7 years for her is something that makes the girl very special. The true love wait is real, they just make it real for all the girls to see that there’s a man in this world who would respect you, not only you but also your parents. Who would always put the parents above everything else, who would always obey with the rule just to show that he love their daughter. Out of 100 percent I could only say that there’s like maybe 5 of them and the girls are very lucky to ever meet them.

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Her Jansport Bag

Just last Thursday, a friend surprised me in the mall and handed me this bag. This bag is her birthday present to Mj and Mj was so delighted to have it. I told her to use the bag in the opening of the next school year but she can’t wait any longer and too excited so the moment she received it she used it right away. This is the bag that she had been wishing to have, the Jansport bag.

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