New Swimsuit For Her

It was not planned, we were just waiting for Mariel to decide what she would like for her outfit. So when we passed by at planet sport, and we found out selected items are on sale, we take a look. Bad thing is they don’t have swimsuits that are available for Mj’s age. And so we went to Speedo, they have some items that are also for sale. Mj was able to choose one swim suit of course the little one was also picking up she likes and that was the floater. I was out of budget but I am glad that we were able to buy the swimsuit that has long been planned, I mean I promised her to buy a swim suit at least before their competition this month.

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Shopping For Her Outfit

Last Saturday, I tagged the kids in Abreeza Mall after the therapy of Faith. We went there because Mariel my niece have to shop for her Acquaintance Party to be held that day. So instead of going to school, she spent her day looking for some outfit to wear that day. She informed me that they will be wearing shocking colors. I thought though that she already picked up a blouse the last day she went to the mall, the reason we went to that mall even though it is far from where we live is because she already spotted the outfit she would wear and we only have to pay for it but I was wrong, because we still have to hopped from other boutique to other boutique because she can’t just decide. All of us were already tired roaming around the mall that my youngest daughter already complained because she was already hungry.

I decided to have a late lunch yet in a restaurant; I was already pissed off because we were wasting our time there. The kids supposed to attend their Kumon but since they are already late, we will just have to finish what we are doing there. Honestly? It is so hard to accompany teenagers nowadays especially when you shop. Later after we ate, finally she was able to decide which one she likes to wear. And I thought we would only buy a blouse and a pair of shoes but geez she asked me to buy a pair of jeans for her. Sigh! I am out of budget and so I have to withdraw our savings from the bank. Plus since we were already there in that mall, I decided to buy Faith and Mj their swimming materials, the swim suit is for Mj for their upcoming competition and Faith a floater since she would swim now at least once a week.

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The Hot Mama In FHM

Last month, the FHM just celebrate the 100 sexiest women that were able to pose in FHM magazine and among those women who ramp in the stage, the one who caught my attention is no other than Alice Dixon, it even made me wish that I will be as fabulous as her when I will turn 40 years old. Yes she is already 40 years old but look how graceful and fit she is. She even walked in the stage so stunning despite of wardrobe malfunction. She is indeed a hot Mama!

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Do You Want To Boost Your Mood?

One thing that can make my day bad is that when I go out and right there and then, I will have to get through to traffic jams. Early in the  morning and you are already perspiring, early in the  morning and you are already cursing anyone because they are just overtaking you. It is indeed a bad day but wait before it would ruin your mood,  try whisking perfumes or cologne to your body and even just in your neck, I am sure this would boost your mood. Because whiffing a scent can influence brain activity. So when you are feeling angry, stress and tired, why don’t you pick up your perfumes and start whiffing let’s see it will just change your moods right away. Because I just did!

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