OOC Warn Consumers Online

DOJ release guidelines on purchasing stuff online as many are not genuine. Fraud online is very rampant nowadays, so we must be very careful. If you can know your seller, take your time to know them before you give your trust. Know the product as well and the mode of payment. You as a consumer should take the responsibility for background check. Do not share your personal information online, if you can minimize it. Be warned that there are people online who are so expert in stealing your personal information online and so expert even in hacking your account.

If you are able to encounter such fraud online, do not hesitate to report it to the authorities. Those online shops that are reported with fraud, they will be listed as red flags and will notify everyone who would try to check on their products. If one is listed red flags, the public will be notified that these online shops have suspicious transactions.

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Hair Make Over On Mother’s Day

It has been a while that I didn’t have a hair rebond, it was already a year I think. My last rebond was last year of summer and I will make sure that this Mother’s Day I will have a new hair.

I almost forgot that on the 10th is Mother’s day, and you know who reminded me of it, my youngest daughter. Just the other day, she surprised me with her saying that on the 10th is Mother’s Day! And that she will give me some goodies, oh how sweet of her. She even asked me if I could spend the day with her and her two Ate’s of course I said yes. But on that day, or maybe before that day, I will have a new hair rebond waiting for her. I just hope that my husband will give me some extras

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Thankful They Are Just A Click Away

I am working now so I need to wear not so stylish but at least presentable clothes. But I am too busy to go to the malls to choose some clothes and during my off, since my shift is at night I just choose to stay at home so to get some rest. Good thing that there are people who are so creative enough and was able to put a business over the Internet. And I am so thankful because I was able to find Deals4Clothing online. This helped me to choose which one is over styled and which one is not, it would guide me which one looks good for me and which one is not in just one click of my finger and they will guide me every details of clothes that I will be wearing. 

I admit I am not fashionable enough, in fact I would always ask my niece and daughter whenever I prepare for work and they will decide for me. I need help, and since I only have few clothes in the closet I must ask for the expert. And nowadays, you don’t have to hire a fashion designer because you can actually get some tips online and that is what I am doing now. And it is indeed very effective, try it yourself!

Cheaper Swim Suits

 Recently, when we visited Mj’s dentist we were able to pass by at a goodwill store. They had a display of selected swim suits, when I was trying to check which one to buy with cheaper cost and there’s a TYR swim suit hanged in the corner. And when I asked about the price, the lady said it was P150.00 and since I want to buy the other swim suit for Faith she gave me discount so instead I will be paying P280.00, I will just have to pay P230.00. The TYR swim suit is so fit for Mj and the swim suit of Faith too, right now it is still not wash we have to wait for Ate Flor to come over by tomorrow.

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