Pamper Yourself on Your Wedding Day

It is easy to forget about yourself when planning your wedding. Everyone will have their own ideas as to what you should do, and you will want to please many members of your family as well as your friends. Somewhere along the way you may lose yourself in all this planning. Make sure you add a few details to the big day to simply make you feel extra special. It is your day after all.

The Perfect Hair and Make-Up

No bride wants to be having a bad hair day as they walk down the aisle. You also don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your own skin because one of your best friends insisted on doing your make-up. Avoid all of these issues by hiring a professional hairstylist and make-up artist for your big day. The little bit of extra pampering they provide will make you feel relaxed at a time when your nerves are being stretched to their limits.

Elegant Transportation

Make the trip to the ceremony as enjoyable as possible. This is a wonderful moment in time spent with your father before saying “I do.” The transportation you select will also find its way into the backdrop of many of your wedding photos. Pick something beautiful and comfortable. This could be an antique car, a horse and carriage, or an amazing vehicle from an automotive luxury limo & car service like Hollywood Car & Limo.

A Special Reward

You’ve put a lot of time, money, and hard work into planning your wedding. Reward yourself for a job well done. Is there something special that you have secretly wished you could have for the reception? This could be a photo booth to share with your friends, a dessert bar, or simply a specially requested song from the DJ. Remember throughout the planning that this day is for you. Don’t be afraid to have it exactly the way you have dreamed of it.

Don’t forget to add these few extra touches to keep your wedding a special experience. These things are meant to please you and make you feel like the center of attention. It is your right as the bride to enjoy the dream wedding you have been planning for such a long time.

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Costume In Buwanang Wika

This is actually a late post. This event happened last Month when the school of my youngest celebrated their Buwanang Wika. The school is small so expect to have 1 participant in each level. But even though it was a small celebration the participants did a good job in the event. All of the students were required to wear our Pambansang Clothes. Each level participated, either they are signing or dancing.

The high school students were so amazing, the competition was so intense. They really exerted an effort to show off their talent. I am not sure which level won but I am sure whoever it is, he or she deserved it. It was a healthy competition for all of them, I am sure that the judges were having a hard time to choose who would be the luckiest one.

and here’s my youngest with her classmate

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Car Hunting Made Easy

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My 2003 Nissan is on its last legs. The cost of keeping it on the road has become more than the car is worth.  I have had good service from this car, but now it’s time to let my baby go.

The first thing I need to do is decide what kind of vehicle will fit my family’s needs.  I am not set on buying a new car, but want to keep my options open.  In discussing what I want to do with my husband, I decided to take a friends recommendation to visit to begin my research.

I began my search by deciding in advance how much we could afford on a new vehicle.  Then, I selected the body style I prefer.  We had pretty much decided in advance to get either a Minivan or SUV.  Mainly for the number of passengers and we also wanted so cargo space.  I decided we would search on body style not for any particular make.

I do have a preference for vehicle manufactures, but in this case wanted to start with body style, we also set the search limit to dealers within 50 miles of our home.  My first search resulted in 96 Minivans within the price range I specified.  I took a quick scan of what the search revealed and decide to take a look a the SUVs before starting to narrow my search.

The search for SUVs within my price range revealed 951 vehicles.  Well that was a bit to many so I narrowed it down to vehicles manufactured within the past 5 years.  Still to many, so what to do next?   I decide to search for a particular model, one a friend of mine is very happy with.  What I found was that a lot of the vehicles had already been sold, but that was okay with me, it just proved that the vehicle I was search for could be found using

We found a Minivan and an SUV that we wanted to take a look at.  Since the dealers are with easy driving distance, it’s time for a trip to the dealer and a test drive of both the Minivan and SUV we are interested in.  We may not end up with either of these vehicles, but by using it has made our search for a vehicle it has saved us time and made our search so much easier.

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Tomorrow Is Buwanang Wika

The kids were absent from school yesterday, we went to the mall early in the morning to run some errands. First we went to my bank so I can report that my ATM card was lost. And then we went to the mall right after we withdraw some money so we can buy my eldest daughter a new phone. Right after buying her new phone, we went to get their costume for Buwanang Wika. We already have skirt and blouse but the blouse is too big for Faith and the skirt is too small for Mj. I’d been to SM they have some available but it is a bit expensive good thing we went to Victoria Plaza to check and we found one that are not too expensive. It cost only less than P 200.00 for the blouse and less than P 300.00 for the skirt. I will be taking pictures for their costume tomorrow. I’d been working for two years already and usually I am absent with school programs that Faith keeps on made a fuss about it but this time I will be attending her school program and she is so excited about it.

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