Cups For Gifts

I don’t usually give gifts on Christmas for teachers except for the adviser, but since the cups were only affordable, I didn’t hesitate at all. I am sure these teachers love to drink coffee, so why not give them as a thank you for being so accommodating of my daughter. Yes even she is very hyper, they were still able to manage my youngest. This token is a simple gift but I hope they will be happy with this small gift. We made sure though that the design is something they find cute or something to bring a smile on their faces. Merry Christmas everyone!

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When The Red Light Is On

Watch out when the red light is on! Because that means, a big sale is happening on a certain store in SM. We were in Belgian Waffle store this time, they sell pancakes and they have this sign outside their store. Thus, this means they don’t only have clothes and apparels on sale but they are also offering this to food stalls. So watch out when the red light is on.

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To Be A Strand Setter

We know that going to the parlor often would make our pocket empty. As long as we could, we opt to DIY, do it yourself and hope that even though we do it in our own, our hair still look gorgeous.

Do not forget to condition your hair after shampoo; do not start at the roots because there’s a bigger possibility that it will cause damage. Apply the conditioner from ends to roots. You can comb your hair while there’s still a hair conditioner, as this will act as a lubricant and will have minimal damage.

Use also a small amount of serum, just a few drops and it will work already. Don’t apply the serum in the root area as it may cause damage as well.

When you are drying your hair give also your hair a blast of cool air. This would close the cuticle in your hair, means this would make it more shine.

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Doing The Manicure/Pedicure Myself

For pedicure alone, it would already cost about P60.00.

And so I decided not to go to salon anymore for pedicure and manicure service, instead I bought a pusher, a nail color, acetone and other paraphernalia for cleaning nails. Aside as the service costs increased, I heard that through manicure and pedicure, one can possibly get an AIDS through it when unintentionally; your skin will get cut. Even if how keen to cleanliness a salon is, the materials that are used in cleaning could not be thorough clean only with alcohol, they need to have this particular sterilize, which is the one usually using this are dentists. This kind of sterilization can kill all kinds of microbes and or germs.

And so to get rid of being worry of those things, I decided to clean my own nails and toes. I am not only saving some bucks but I am also worry-free, not to mention free from cuts too.

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