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    Clearance Done

    Just tonight I went to our office to have my clearance done, need to do it so I can get my back pay and my 13th month pay. I supposed to do it on day time but could not do it since there were no available TL already so I decided to just do it at ┬ánight time when everyone is available. I tag my daughter along so I have someone to talk to when I felt bored already but it was the same thing because she was not allowed to come with me when I went up for the HR and the facilities. When I surrendered my badge, they…

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    My First And Last Team Building

    I was invited for team building today, so after the meeting at school I went to Forest Hill right away so I can see my friends from the company I just worked. It would be nice to see them and this is the right time to explain why I resigned from work. And I was right we had a great time chitchatting with each other, one of our team mates also provided some games and we had so much. The game that I joined was the mining game. One has to coach you where to go since you are blind folded and if you would be able to step on…

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    GPS For His Motorcycle

    My husband tells me there are several of his co-workers that ride motorcycles to and from work and for leisure. Recently one of his colleagues took a road trip to Maine on his motorcycle. He mentioned how much easier it would have been if you would have had a GPS for his motorcycle. He was asking if anybody knew where to buy motorcycle gps at the source. Well, I am sure that one of his other coworkers might know. It seems that a lot of the conversation at the Friday breakfasts he attends is about motorcycles, where to buy items for them and nice places to go and motorcycle rallies.

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    Reunion Party

    I am so full; we just arrived from our reunion party together with my previous workmates at the call center. We also had an exchange of gifts, even though we were only few, I still had a blast but too sad since Mj was with me, I have to get home ahead of them. Some of us remained at the call center I worked with before, some already transferred and one had a business. I also wanted to have a business, I am thinking of starting a lending at a construction firm maybe next month when I am not that too busy. Actually I am not that sure though, I…