Started Today

Last Wednesday my gay friend Amanda and I agreed to jog in the park early in the morning. After we jog we passed by in the gym so we can inquire, the gym was nearby and it is known to have an affordable offer. A friend of my sister was the one who told me a long time ago already, so we went there. Amanda was interested because their session was only P 75.00 after finding out the fee, today we went there to start our work out. My daughter was with me, she met us at work so after we eat we went at the gym right away. It’s too early to tell but I am hoping this will be the start for a grooming healthy lifestyle.

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Workout Supplements

Several times I have written about exercising, exercise machines and dietary supplements. Yes I still have not really been able to pick a routine to help me lose weight. I have taken up belly dancing and it is fun. But I was wondering if pre workout supplements can help me in getting results of my exercise faster? I am not sure, but am in the processing of learning more about them. As always I would advise anybody to know what they will put in their bodies. It is important to have a balanced diet and to get exercise. And it is also important that if you have any doubts about any supplements that you learn as much as you can about them and you can always ask your physician if it is okay for you to take them.
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Battle of the Bulge

Before Faith was born I had a smooth flat tummy. I was proud of it, but after her birth it seems that I have been fighting the battle of the bulge. Some ab workouts would probably help me reduce my midsection and make me look good again. But one thing I know, my husband will love me anyway, even if I am still fighting the “battle of the bulge.”
Do you battle like me? If you do, what are the work outs that you did that you think it work or has good results. I sometimes get tired of going to the gym, but I have to use their treadmill anyway because I don’t have one here at home and so to attend the aerobics session when I don’t have to send my eldest daughter to her tutorial class. It has been so many weeks now that I am faithful to do it and if I would continue doing this, I am sure I would get that flat belly I ever wanted. I hope it is not that exhausted though, wish me luck!
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