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Upgrade Your Work Wear Wardrobe


Monday is the start of our workweek so you have to set your mood high by wearing classic pantsuit. You can match it with fresher spin light fabrics. Even though it is rainy season already, there are times still that the weather can get too humid that we need to have a fresh look. You can weigh this outfit pairing it with navy, white, and black shade. Show off the lady boss in you even though you are not, you can still pull it off with a black or brown color loafers.


Flaunt your style in the boardroom by wearing the right fashion. Clothes with style and in bold hues can make you stand out. I am telling you even your presentation is not that impressive when you have the correct work wear, a little confident with your demonstration and a piece of your intelligent as you impressed your bosses by your presentation will make them applaud and before you know it you will get the opportunity. Remember just the right mixing is the key and you can get away with almost anything. Explore and while exploring your clothes, have fun. Let out or drift off from the usual color you are wearing every day, think of the unexpected one. Like pastel on pastel, neutral on neon so on and so forth and don’t forget to wear with black or dark wedges.


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To Boost Happiness

Think of a simple activity that makes you happy if it’s not every day, do it at least every other day or once in a week. Drinking coffee in a prestigious coffee shop can be costly however if it makes you happy then go for it. Remember, that all works, no play makes Juan a dull boy. I learned that from elementary, so enjoy and the next day you will be even more productive because of that simple happiness.

When you do things don’t aim it to be perfect. At least you finish it and you have done it good, you were able to give your heart to it and that will make you happy. Just be happy of what you can do, than making it perfect and could not even finish it. In the end, you will get frustrated because you could not make it perfect.

When feeling sad, bond with your kids, their laugh, smiles and hugs can make your day the best one even if you are in your deepest sorrow, their presence can make you say “I am more than okay”

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Sort, Label, And A Room For Your Work = OC

 I am not that OC, oh well how I wish I am although sometimes I love to organized things especially when I am in the mood or when I really need to do it because all that surrounds me are kind a messy anymore. They said though that it pays to be an OC because all the things around you are in proper order, organized that you don’t have to look every corner in your house because everything is labelled are least this box is for your documents, or school supplies.

Okay, so you like to be organized then maybe first thing you need to do is sort out things that are useful and not now if you find this certain thing something sentimental, like the first art that your kids done in her pre-school, oh well just take your digital camera and take a picture of it so it would be easy for you to let go of those things.

So when you are done sorting out, you should assign storage for the things that are left and label them. Then put it in a room for those things, where you know exactly where you put those things that you labelled and stored.

When you are like me who is very forgetful, note down all the things you need to do for instance today you need to buy this and that or you have someone to talk to at 2:00 p.m. jot down all those appointments so you won’t lose track and you won’t lose any possible client.

It is also convenient if you spare a room for your home based business, you see what I mean? If you have a room for you to work, you can focus more. The kids would know eventually that when you are in this room, that means you are working in your desk and that they should not bug you.  It is like you are working in this room while the kids are just door away when they needed you.

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What Not to Say Versus What to Say

I sometimes have difficulties in dealing my daughter, there are times I could not understand her tantrums and why couldn’t she do what I want her to do. Recently, I bought this book entitled “Dealing Positively with Children by Corazon Ples Padilla, Ed. D and Rosario Ples Nem Singh, M.A.
I am not finish reading it yet, but I want to share to you what I think could help you to deal with your kids. Here’s some:
Don’t say to yourself :
  • I can’t stand my child’s defiance
  • I can stand my child’s need to be independent and make his own decisions.
Don’t say to yourself:
  • He makes me so angry I am afraid of what I might do to him.
  • I will not order him to cooperate. That only makes both of us angry.
Don’t say to yourself:
  • Why can’t you ever do what I say?
  • Let’s start getting ready now
Don’t say to yourself:
  • Don’t you say no to me, young man, or you’ll get a spanking
  • I understand, but there are times when we have to do things we don’t like.
Don’t say to yourself:
  • Wait until your father hears about how stubborn you are.
Say: (Play a game) I will count up to 10. Let’s see how fast you can do it. Ready, one, two…
Don’t say to yourself:
  • Darling, if you do what I say, I’ll give you a present.
  • Doing your homework will help a lot in your getting high marks in school.
Don’t say to yourself:
  • My child thinks he can take advantage of me
  • I understand how my child feels. I myself don’t always want to do things that I have to do.
Don’t say to yourself:
  • Do this or you’ll be sorry.
  • You can do this and have fun, or you can do it and be miserable. You decide.
I am not sure if I will be able to do those things, because every kid is unique, sometimes those tricks are not effective for them but I can try it right? Not one time though but one at a time and let’s see.