Clearance Done

Just tonight I went to our office to have my clearance done, need to do it so I can get my back pay and my 13th month pay. I supposed to do it on day time but could not do it since there were no available TL already so I decided to just do it at  night time when everyone is available. I tag my daughter along so I have someone to talk to when I felt bored already but it was the same thing because she was not allowed to come with me when I went up for the HR and the facilities.

When I surrendered my badge, they asked me to go back to my locker so I can vacate it. Upon approaching, I didn’t realize I have missed it already. I only had one locker during my stay in Convergys, I never changed it for so many reasons and when I saw it, I didn’t expect I will miss it. I had my jacket there and my tumbler and now everything is just so empty, everything just went back to where I started. But everything has to move on I need to move forward hopefully.

Now I’m ready for a new phase of my life, maybe a new BPO?  But this time, it will be near where I lived so I won’t spend my time just traveling or stranded in the traffic. On the second thought I really don’t know yet, I just let the river flows and wait for it to where it would lead me to.


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Thank You TL Angel

I may not good in words but I can say I am expert in doing this. Hope so. 

On the other hand, when I started my ventures in our company, I did not expect anything more, instead I expected anything less, what I mean to say is that as I don’t believe myself much, I don’t have that guts that I can go beyond and survived. I always have these feelings that “I cannot do it, if this is for me then this is for me and if it’s not, then I’ll stop”. But you have changed that, you instilled in my mind, not only me but to all of us that we can go to the deepest ocean or fly to the highest peak if we have this determination and the willingness to learn.

You never stopped until we realized that “hey, they were able to do it, why can’t we?”

You were not just a Team Leader to us but you became our friend, confidant, and our force. You never stop pushing us over to achieve our goal. You even cover us to anyone because you know that we can make it, you believe that even in our weaknesses, we have that strength to stand up and fight and we fought because of that believe, we were able to have the perfect sword and shield to battle up.

Thank you so much for believing in me and believing in us. We may now taking different paths because you have now your new team and we have now a new team leader, you will always be a part of us. You continue sharing your thoughts and words of inspiration, your skills and on the things you learned. Take care and we will be missing you.



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Slurpee For Me And You

After we enjoy the huge pizza on the table in S&R, Our supervisor treat us again the Slurpee from 7/11. The Slurpee was on sale, we can buy one and the other one is free, it was such a great deal for us who were so thirsty at that time. We were not able to buy beverages in S&R since they do not sell 1 liter of Pepsi we have to buy it in a glass, which is heavier for the pocket. Here one picture that we had in S&R.

 photo 14237595_10209906101465284_5059747194500047100_n.jpg

On the other hand, here’s my share for Sunday Stealing: The Mad Hatter’s Meme

What’s the meaning or inspiration of your blog’s title?

My first blog was about my family, back I wanted to create a journal that represent only myself, so I created the Mary Anne’s Musings. It will be about me, my opinion as a woman, wife and a citizen.

What do you consider your biggest strength?

My biggest strength is always my two daughters. I can cross raging water in the river just for them.

What do you consider your biggest weakness?

I easily get some friends and its hard for me to disconnect right away and I have to since they have to go somewhere else.

Tell us why we should like your favorite band.

I don’t have any favorite band

Who is your favorite model of all-time? Why?

Nadine Lustre, I like her being simple yet she never failed to show her fashionable side.

Does it bother you when people talk about their pets? Why?

Not at all, we also have pets

Tell us about your favorite holiday.

Christmas, come on everything is on Christmas not to mentionVikings, Hi There! photo 12234931_10207563542582776_1184855663735691669_n.jpg the bonus from work.

What was the last fabulous meal that you ate? Where were you?

It was my birthday last year, my friends treat me for lunch instead of me treating them but since I don’t have budget they were the one who save me for lunch in a buffet. We were in Vikings and everything just looks so good. I was able to experience variety of foods all over the world LOL!

What’s your lucky number and why?

I don’t have lucky number

What are five things you hate?

Lies, lies, lies, lies, and lies

What are five things you love?

When someone cared for me just a simple, “you should sleep” will do

Having time with my kids 




Tell us a secret you can because other than us, who’ll read this anyway?

I sometimes would create a story, a love story that I always be the main character. LOL

What is the favorite body feature of yourself?

Oh well I don’t have favorite at all, it was my figure before but  not now anymore

Is there a tattoo that you want? If you don’t have one, gun-to-your-head so you have to get one, what would it be?


What do you love about yourself?

Maybe being friendly

What do you hate about yourself?

When I’m not in the mood, I am not in the mood

Who is someone you miss?

My husband and friends

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Upgrade Your Work Wear Wardrobe


Monday is the start of our workweek so you have to set your mood high by wearing classic pantsuit. You can match it with fresher spin light fabrics. Even though it is rainy season already, there are times still that the weather can get too humid that we need to have a fresh look. You can weigh this outfit pairing it with navy, white, and black shade. Show off the lady boss in you even though you are not, you can still pull it off with a black or brown color loafers.


Flaunt your style in the boardroom by wearing the right fashion. Clothes with style and in bold hues can make you stand out. I am telling you even your presentation is not that impressive when you have the correct work wear, a little confident with your demonstration and a piece of your intelligent as you impressed your bosses by your presentation will make them applaud and before you know it you will get the opportunity. Remember just the right mixing is the key and you can get away with almost anything. Explore and while exploring your clothes, have fun. Let out or drift off from the usual color you are wearing every day, think of the unexpected one. Like pastel on pastel, neutral on neon so on and so forth and don’t forget to wear with black or dark wedges.


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