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What Does a Choreographer Do?

Are you a fan of the ballet and stage shows that have a lot of dancing? Do you like to watch movies with dancing icons like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly? If so, you might want to get a job where you will be able to dance and be around other dancers every day. One of the most ideal jobs in the dance world is that of a choreographer. However, you might not be totally certain what a choreographer does. This is obviously very important to know if you are going to pursue this profession for a career. Here are all of the things that a choreographer is responsible for.

1. You will first need to come up with all of the intricate dance routines that are known as choreography.

Your job will start by trying to create dance moves that will be appealing to the people who are watching the performance. In many cases, this can be very complex because you will have different dancers performing completely different routines at the same time while they are on stage. This can be very entertaining to watch. However, it can take many weeks of hard work on your part to get all of the dance steps just right so they are correctly synchronized. All of the dancing in the routines you create needs to flow together seamlessly. Craig Revel Horwood is a master of devising choreography in this manner.

2. Choose the music that will be used during your dance routine.

The music is almost as important an element to the overall performance as the dancing itself. After all, it would be very difficult for dancers to stay in sync if they do not have any music to dance to. Therefore, you will need to spend some time listening to different types of music. Choose musical pieces that fit the mood of the performance that you are trying to create. Uptempo music should be chosen for routines that are meant to be exciting.

3. You will need to teach your dancers how to perform all of the choreography you have created.

Your job as a choreographer will also require you to be a teacher. This means that you will need to spend weeks rehearsing the dance routine to make sure that your dancers are able to perform it perfectly. Constant rehearsal will ensure a flawless performance.

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She Is Dreaming To Show Off Her Talent In A Reality Show

I didn’t know that when you shop for guitar, I would encounter different kinds of guitar. You see I am not a guitar inclined so I am just too clueless about this stuff. If I will shop charvel guitars for my kids who are also music lovers, I may have to bring someone with me who knows which is the best guitars to buy, it is better to be sure what kind of brands should I purchase for my music lovers. Yay! I am so excited to hear them in a room strumming their own guitars and as well singing. My eldest daughter wanted to audition in a famous reality show and she said that she would surely show off her talent in strumming guitars. She loves to enrol in a voice lesson too so while she strum she could sing as well. It sounds funny right? But I am not sure if her Dad would allow her, since my husband is not into getting kids becoming a celebrity, he did not despised it but as long we can, it is better to have a private life with family and just be a normal individuals.

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Stunning : She is the Future

While I was reading some updates in my twitter account, I found this link from one of my favorite news anchor, I open the link and can’t help to admire this girl performing the Born this way of Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga even tweeted the video to her account and quoted “Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music, she is the future”.
See it for yourself!

She’s good at it

We arrived so late from the swimming class, right after they finish their program. Their coach asked them to do the sprinting again from four different strokes. Thank GOD that I finally found a stop watch so to record the speed of Mj, in that way I would be aware if she improved or not. One parent told me that Mj really did a good job for her butterfly stroke, her body figure is perfect to do the stroke plus she’s good at it. Knowing that there are only few who can do or compete for butterfly, it would be best for her to continue and develop the stroke more.
Anyway guys, I really have to sleep now, my youngest daughter just woke up and I need to put her back to sleep. Tomorrow I’ll surely answer back your comment and do the blog hopping as well, goodnight everyone!