Uh Uh, Not Just Yet But Wait!

Ooopss, no we are not going to stop, I mean I will not let Mj stop her training. My friend and I just talked and we decided to let our kids continue their training as we thought it is best for her health. Arisa, my daughter’s friend cried one night because her day was not busy at all and she could not sleep so she just end up crying. Thus we know that the kids need to get busy even on weekdays, I mean that is already their routine and they are used to being so busy everyday so my friend and I decided again not to let them stop but their training will be every other day so they could also attend their home works at school. So I guess some other people could not celebrate, not just yet but wait. LOL!

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Watery Wednesday # 19: Diving

Watery Wednesday

For a change, we went to another pool the other day; the pool was 7 feet, which was advantage for the kids. So they can at least try, swimming in a 7 feet pool. After their session, the kids played a bit in the water, they said, what they are doing is canon ball, it is like they are diving with pose. I am not sure if I said it right. Here are some of the exhibitions they just did.

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3 More Days To Go

My youngest daughter joined the Learn to Swim Program nears our subdivision. She was so excited with it and everyday she asked my sister Merlyn for her floater, goggles and cap for her to wear it and she would head at the door to go out to the pool. She joins every other day as I don’t want her to burn under the sun. I know she is always excited when her schedule is up, sad to say it is only 3 more days to go and she’s done. I am planning to enroll her in summer class but I am not sure if we can still do it since it is too late for her but I will try to inquire on Monday if they still have a slot for her.

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Thankful Thursday : A Window Will Open

I have so many things I am thankful for this week, particularly with Jm’s performance on her advance tutorial, although she is still struggling with some she was able to cope it up. Her teacher in P.E. is willing to help her for her training; she would start today but let’s see if we can go there since it is raining so hard since this morning. You see, when the door is close, a window would open just for you. Maybe our arguments with her previous instructor were a blessing in disguise. He closed the doors for my daughter but one did not hesitate to open two windows in fact for her. He already fooled us enough regarding with the payments and stuff last year, I believe GOD will never allow that to happen again. Yet, even though we have grudges now, I wish him the best of luck and that I hope he would change because an organization will never progress if the head doesn’t care enough for his subordinates, it will never be successful if he has many things on his closet because no matter how he hide those things, the truth will still prevails.

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