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    Remarkable Thought

    I could not believe myself when I was giggling over the story of Shamcey Sup Sup and her fiance in the TV. They were the guests of Kris in her talk show and reveal the world of their love story on the air like how they’ve met and such. “I didn’t settle for anything less than what I think I deserve and what I want” I guess this is trending in twitter this morning and somehow it is true. There are many remarkable words that Shamcey has been said, and I guess if you have watched the interview this morning, you would smile and be in love all over again.

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    While He Deserves Negative Feedbacks, His Family Does Not

    What if your husband would cheat on you and the worst is the other woman is only within your household. I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger had a lot of explaining to do not only to his wife but also with all his supporters. I used to admire the way he acts in the big screen, I was even admired him of his big muscle, his abs and his being so fit and macho, I was even wondering if he ever uses a best creatine supplement before to make him this big. But with this issue he is into right now, him and his wife’s mere concerns are there kids, so they…

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    Oh no! Not this time yet Chan

    When I open my FB this morning this is what I got. Jackie Chan is dead from the hearth attack I almost fell from my chair; the first thing I thought was to cry hard. I even click the link where the news came from. Click it to enlarge My husband could not believe about it, he said it was not in the CNN news. So he searched it over here in the Internet and this is what he got. Jackie Chan Dead? Not so Fast Here is the link of the news, and the cover. I did not link the other one because it was a hoaxed, gosh it…

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    Angelica Panganiban Interview

    While I was browsing on the net on Monday, I was able to open up a post of Angelica Panganiban reunited with her father on November. I was so curious about it that I really read the whole interview of her with Boy Abunda. I was teary eyed with what I read so I tried to search her interview on the buzz in you tube. I tell you after you watched it, you might be thankful that your kids have their father all along. Here’s the part 1 of her interview: And the part 2