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3/4 Sleeve Polo

And since school year has been ended, I think I have enough budget to buy things for my own, I need to do it now because if I would wait for a while, I know for sure that I will run out of budget again and I can’t buy the things I want to buy for my own.

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I miss my 3/4 sleeves polo plain, I could not wear it because it is busted already; I saw two holes on it that I can’t wear it anymore. I was disappointed that I have to put it on our storage box but I guess I have to move forward, it took me a while to buy another one but I guess it’s all worth it.

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Thank you But No Thanks

I got bored that I flipped some old magazines I just bought and I saw these coupons in the magazine and my jaw dropped because I saw a little big discount for a toothbrush or at least big discount for me, it was at least P 50.00 pesos off but the coupon has been expired already. I mean who have known this kind of discount if I only knew then I must avail it but can you blame me of just ignoring those coupons, believe me I saw a lot of coupons and it got my interest but when I checked how much is the discount and how much you would purchase, I would totally say thank you but no thanks because you have to at least purchase like P 3, 000.00 before you can get at least P 100.00 off, I mean come on, who do they have to hand outs some coupon after you purchase big time so thank you but no thanks. How I wish they would change that kind of strategy to tempt shoppers because if these shoppers are like me who are always in budget, there’s no way we would attempt of such purchase, I have to live within my budget.

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The Semi Gladiator Sandal

It was our last shift for the week and I got too excited to run around the mall besides I also need to renew my discount card to them so I still get points whenever I do shopping. I was with a friend during that time; she doesn’t have anything to get busy with at her boarding house since her boyfriend will be coming late so she is free to go. I wanted to buy a new pair of sandal but I was not looking for an expensive one just enough for my budget that day, since I need to pay some bills with the funds my husband sent me. And luckily I was able to find one, it is not that expensive but I like it. It doesn’t have strap in the back, which I more like it because it is very much useful when I drive. You see, whenever I drive, I always wore a sleeper that I store in my car, and thus I need a strapless sandal so I can just put it off and on when I need to be behind the wheel. I like the color of this sandal because I can match it with any color for my clothes. I got this pair of semi gladiator sandal for P 600.00 only, isn’t it a pretty good deal?

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Be Fashionable

I know that our work can be so stressful that sometimes we don’t get the chance to have a makeover especially when you are so busy like me. But there’s no harm in trying. Spend just a little time to take a look of yourself in the mirror, give a little time to check in your wardrobe your best wear on the day. Give a little time to think. Which kind of wear will be the best maybe at least once a week of your shift?

If you in your off shift and you want to be fashionable when you go out and meet some friends. Try denim jacket, sleeveless inner, short and sneakers.

When you are about to hit the holiday feast. Wear chokers, solid color dress at least 2 inch above the knee and strap sandals

Gorgeous getaway with friends during your leaves or PTO can be memorable when you wear pair of earrings, fashionable vest, turtle neck blouse and a pair of shoes. I am sure you will be a head turner.


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