A Great Deal For 1980’s Trend

We actually don’t have budget for anything extra today but my eldest daughter needs something to wear tonight. Today is their acquaintance party and they have to wear 1980’s fashion. Good thing she was able to realize that we can find it at the Roxas Night Market, they sell ukay 2x and there’s a big chance that we can find something right there suit for 1980’s fashion. Mj knows what she wants, in fact she’s expert in fashion and how to do on flick eyebrows. Teenagers nowadays are really different from what we were before; when I was her age I don’t even know how to shape my eye brows. Mj said that I only have to draw it but for goodness sake I don’t even know how to draw a simple fish, lol.

On the other hand, she was able to find what she likes to wear tonight, it has a touch of 1980’s trend plus she can use the clothes she bought during normal days at school, so she is hitting 2 birds at the same time. I actually save some because the jeans cost only P 80. 00 and the t- shirt cost only P 10. 00. It is indeed a great deal!

When we went home, she washed the clothes right away and hangs it with the fan in front so it will dry, the next day before going to school.

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My First Jump Suit and The New Wedge

I supposed not to buy a Jump Short last month, what I was planning is  to buy a long jeans but my youngest daughter spilled some water on my jeans  when we rode a Jeepney going to Mj’s school to pay her tuition fee. Faith was holding bottled water, when she accidentally spilled half of it. The front of my jeans got wet that I needed to change right away. We went to the mall right away, good thing that the Jump Short was on sale, so I only bought this for only P 405. 00. And besides this is actually my first Jump Suit.

The wedge sandal was only recently. The wedge that I had been using for one whole year is going to give up any sooner, I don’t want to wait for it to loose while I am using it or walking down the street, I’m telling you I’d been there and it was so hard to walk properly when you know your shoes is not holding still already and the mall is too far away yet.

I had been looking for a new wedge for a week now, and I just can’t find that is at least below P 500. 00. But what I like this wedge is that it is not heavy, you almost feel that you are wearing nothing while using it. What I don’t like is the color because it is white and it gets easy to get marks. But I couldn’t do anything about it because there was no color to choose only that, so I just have to stick to what it is in the picture. I will just to pray not to rain while wearing it.

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The Perfect Baby and Children’s Gifts

Not only is it fun to browse through a baby and children’s boutique in person or online, but when the wide selection is extremely creative, it is a super delight. A store’s baby registry service allows for a chance to give items that are especially desired.

Whether you are seeking something for your own child or grandchild or as a gift for a baby shower or a recent birth or for children of any age, you will be amazed at how ordinary items can be made into unique and adorable offerings that are sure to please. Add personalization created by professional designers to a gift for an extra and appreciated surprise.

Newborn gift packages are filled with useful and cheery items.

Nursery and children’s room décor livens up the atmosphere and presents the fun of decorating, knowing that the baby or child will enjoy seeing the comforting environment with custom crib bedding and accessories.

Here are just a few examples of special gifts:

Baby Elephant Mat in Blue or Pink

This large silky smooth 31-inch mat makes an ideal and comfortable floor cushion for babies as well as toddlers and young children who love to lay on them while watching television. The elephant’s head is stuffed and acts as a pillow. The mat is easily rolled up and is machine washable.

Folding Beach Chair with Umbrella

What could present more summer fun than this lightweight and easy-to-fold chair in blue, pink, or purple with its attached umbrella. The chair is for children up to 60 pounds. You can add a bucket and a tote filled with beach boys, and all these items can be personalized with the child’s name.

Baby Doll Carriages and Cradles

You can cultivate a young girl’s nurturing and caring skills when she can place her favorite doll into a personalized beautiful wooden cradle or an elegant doll carriage designed after a vintage English pram with designs such as pink lace or hand-painted roses and perhaps adding accessories like blankets and pillows. They are pretty enough to show off as a piece of nursery décor with the addition of a treasured doll.

Purple Pumpkin Gifts in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, is the baby boutique in Philadelphia area that has an amazingly large selection of outstanding baby and children’s gifts and room décor of all kinds that could be custom designed. The boutique is also proud of its 10 years of service to their customers both local and nationwide and their one-of-a-kind customization of a variety of items with artwork designs, names, and monograms. Included is free gift wrap!

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Excited For Tomorrow’s Shopping

I and Mj agreed to buy her something to wear on their acquaintance party. Their theme is OOTD and when we roamed around SM last Saturday she was able to check the jumpsuit. It doesn’t cost much, so I guess that’s the one were going to buy.

Tomorrow after I’m done getting the NBI and the medical certificate, we will be seeing afterward to buy her the jumpsuit. Oh I also need to pay my SSS and Pag Ibig Contribution. I hope everything will be done right away since I will have PPHO and site tour tomorrow for a new job.

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