Time To Shop

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I enjoy going to the mall, especially where there are sales, but there are times when I really cannot find what I want or it costs too much. I do not shop online much but when I do I am always looking for a bargain. I am in the habit of going to the mall and seeing if they have what I want and how much they are selling it for, then going on line and looking for the same thing to see if I can find it cheaper. In the majority of the theses instances, the item I saw is much cheaper online than it is in the store. You know us girls we like shopping, even if it is only going to the mall to see compare or window shop. There are great savings to be had online and there is a lot of Good On Line Shopping to be had.

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Shopping Day For My Eldest Daughter

We supposed to shop on Tuesday but we didn’t expect that the bank in the mall is closed. We could not go to the other bank because Mj’s saving was opened in the bank that’s in the mall. Since she needs a black shoes for school, I just let her borrowed some money and she will just pay me on Saturday that is tomorrow. She is also thinking to buy a pair of jeans to wear next week for their Intramurals Day at school. So tomorrow after her Kumon we will go to the mall right away to buy a pair of jeans. I am sure she would choose the Crissa since the size is for teens, Mariel choose Crissa as well when she was teenager.

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This Is A Definitely A Mission Accomplished

Christmas is really fast approaching; you know what’s good about Christmas? It is no other than sale everywhere and I heard this November 30, SM will be having a big sale again and in Davao Convention Center, they also have a Christmas Bazaar on the same date I am sure shoppers would come rushing.

Oh well, I just have one thing in mind in our house then, I just want to buy a Christmas curtain for this holiday season and I’d been planning that for a while now or at least before this November is over. I already had something in mind when I went to the mall one day, the Christmas curtain was displayed since September. When I went to shop there the other day, I choose the colour green as I thought there are still many of the same design the next day. I didn’t have enough budgets to buy the whole complete set for the whole house including our bedroom, so I just thought to buy enough for our living room.

Yesterday, I went there again to buy curtains for the bedroom, when I checked it out, there were no colour green already, they said they were already sold out and the colour that was left is only red. I already decided for colour green yet I guess there is nothing wrong if I would use the colour red in each bedroom, which my friend agreed besides they are all Christmas curtain. Although I ask still the in-charge if they would order more again in the coming days, the staff informed me they could not anymore as Christmas is already weeks away. So I must decide now or I would never get the Christmas curtain for our bedrooms.

I went home late last night from  chillin’ out in Tata Benito’s while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, yet even though how late it was last night, I was still so hyper to put our curtains on in our window, it was a ring type curtain so everything was easy peasy.

To have decided and buy a new curtain for the house is definitely a mission accomplished for me.

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Shopping Today

Yes we did shop today for the Kadayawan sale is still hitting each of the malls. I bought a pair of sandals from Faridez, Mj got a new pair of pants since all her pants have outgrown already and Faith got a new bike. I’d been planning to buy her a bike but due to being busy I was not able to do so, we supposedly would go to the swimming lesson of Mj but we didn’t pursue it since I got so tired anymore from roaming around the mall. Now, the kids are so busy with their favorite TV program here in our humble abode, it’s Pheneas and Ferb so expect Faith to be so hooked up with it, anyhow here’s what we shop today.

Faith’s new bike

Mj’s new jeans and shirt

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