When September Ends

I can’t believe it, it is already September. I wonder what happen to the past 9 months. Did I accomplish something? I guess so. I mean not with renovating the house, since that was my priority before but because of financial constraints I was not able to do so. But look I started again to save which I am so much proud of, not much but will get to it for sure.

I was able to buy a pair of jeans; it was during the Kadayawan sale in the mall. I was waiting for my friends for a meet up and so to enjoy roaming around the mall, I spend some things. I bought a shirt for my youngest and myself a pair of jean.

In the later week, I was able to buy something for the house. A shoe rack! Yeah it is a shoe rack, and it was on sale from one of the online store. On the other hand I need to organize things in the third room where our new shoe rack was place. Its kind a messy there but wait I need to finish watching this movie “Before I wake” maybe later I will.

On the other hand, why the title? Because I just feel like, come on it is already September and I am wondering what wait for me when September Ends.


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Bought Her A Pair Of School Shoes

Recently, I wanted to buy a new pair of jeans. I almost bought one, but I said it could wait maybe on the next payday. The payday came but I have to pay some bills and the house. So I thought maybe I can buy that jeans I like when my husband will wire me some money but my youngest daughter pair of school shoes got busted. I thought to have it repair but my husband suggested to buy a new pair of shoes. So I went to the mall that day right away and bought her the pair of shoes. So the plan of buying myself a pair of shoes was set aside.

I guess this is what mothers always do; they have to set aside what they want to give what the kids’ needs. I bought Faith a bit expensive shoes, I know I have to buy the cheapest shoes but I changed my mind because I know it will just get busted too soon, it will be a waste of time and money then because I will end up buying another pair again.

Gibi is known for its quality, I found one pair and I thought Faith will like it. The thing about this pair of shoes is it has heels and my youngest daughter doesn’t like it. She said it is a bit loose to her, I told her she will outgrow it soon. But she keeps on complaining, she said she likes the old pair, so I told her if she would insist on wearing the older one, it will going to hurt her feet because the sole gave up.

I hope though that she will wear it tomorrow.


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You Will Find It Amazing

Today after Faith culmination day in McDonalds and after I paid our monthly installment in Pag-ibig for the house in Ph 1, we went to SM Mall right away to check for a new pair of sandal that can match if I will wear pair of short.

Since Faith would like to go to Zoofari we sent her there first. And after, we went to Department store right away. The moment I went to Parisian shoes section, I eyed on pair of sandal. Yeah, I really intended to check the latest styles in Parisian, of course my favorite Nadine Lustre endorsed it. Yeah, it feels fulfilling, I mean I haven’t meet her but following her endorsed products feels like I am so much close to her.

Tomorrow, I will post a picture of it. Parisians will not get behind when it comes to styles and designs. It is always a trend, they are not even with the latest fashion but the price is very much light to the pocket too. Everyone can afford it; why not check it in SM right now? I am sure you will find it amazing.


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Snakey Belt

 photo IMG_2309_zps60a508af.jpg

I always love to wear belt, even though the pants I am wearing is already fit or it is already tight I still have to wear belt. So when all my belts were busted, I promised to myself that if I have extra I will shop one belt for me. One day I made a canvass for a belt and I found this and this one is very cheap, it’s only less than a hundred pesos.

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