School Uniform Solved

Mj will be in a new school this coming school year, yes I enrolled her to a different school this time. The reason is the enrollment is so light in the pocket and I am so thankful that we were able to school hop in the first week of May. On the other hand I thought I would spend too much for her school uniform but thank GOD that my niece offered her old school uniform, yes she also went to the same school that my daughter is enrolling now. My niece already graduated and good thing that she was able to save it. Now we only have to repair the school uniform especially the skirt. If we will buy fabric and will send it in the tailoring shop, it will cost us P 700. 00 per pair, while if we will repair my niece uniform it will only cost me P 500.00 and Mj can already have 3 pairs of school uniform. School Uniform Solved!

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Nostalgia # 7: For This Upcoming School Year

I am not well today, my stomach is aching I have to ask Mj to buy me a medicine outside for my stomachache to be well. Anyway, before I would sleep let me just post my entry for:


Indeed, time flies so fast; this was faith when she was only like an hour old at the nursery. She was still so fragile; I sometimes get worried if I would hurt her when she’s in my arms. Yet, she knows when I am near because she would try to look at me, as if trying to say “hi mama”

She was only 4 months old at this picture; we were trying to get her an outfit for our beach party, which I missed this summer. We were not able to have fun at the beach since we are so busy preparing for her sister’s competition.

This was last year, look at how she has grown so fast. And her contagious smile, I asked her to smile for the camera and obviously she gave me a bright one.

Oh, let me ask you, where did the time goes by? Now she is so ready for school this June. I am so excited to send her at school and witness this new adventure of her life. As a SAHM I could never ask for more, thank you my husband for this opportunity you offered me, surely it is not always easy being a Stay at Home Mom, but I enjoy this career much.
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