Less Safe

The class will start most probably on June 10, I would be very busy again helping my eldest daughter to prepare early in the morning will be pressure again if they have quizzes and exams and be very busy at home. What makes it better now is that her schedule will not be as early as 7:30 a.m. unlike before.

I have her carpool arranged just last week though so I hope that this carpool will serve us until class ends next year. I didn’t have any problem with her motor pool before because they serve us their very best but what concern me is the highway they are taking into everyday. It is less safe than a carpool, I must admit.

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They Found It

Right after we heard mass yesterday, we went immediately to the mall to eat dinner then to buy school supplies for Ate Mariel and Ate Mj. Thank God, that the funds I withdraw from PayPal to my bank account was already there, the money from blogging is the one I have used to buy bags, notebooks, pencils, pens, socks, and shoes. I was thankful though because I can get into the ATM to inquire and eventually get the money I have worked so hard for, I just didn’t know why it was so hard for me to log into my account in the Internet. They keep on asking a new password and when I set a new password, it was so weird because they would not accept it.

Anyway, we finally bought all the requirements and the shoes of Ate Mariel, we went to the ground floor to go home but Ate Mariel suddenly exclaimed that the Magazine where Judy Anne Santos and Ryan Agoncillo entails their wedding and stuff are available in the magazine stand nears grocery store. I had been looking for this magazine for a week now, certainly if they have that magazine I would really buy it.

I got so excited when I saw it and totally forgot the cellophane I was holding, the last time I remember was that it was just in my hand. I bought the magazine then we headed home, Mariel then asked me where was her bag we purchased when we got down from the taxi cab. I immediately got panicked and said I might left it in the magazine stand inside the mall. The cellophane contains two school bags of Ate Mariel; if we won’t find it at all my money will then put to waste.

I called the mall right away then they gave me the phone number of that magazine stand only to find out that it is a resident number and the person in the other line will just text me if ever her staff back in store found my bags. I called the grocery customer service again and asked them if they could go to the magazine to ask if they found the bags I bought. Good thing, the in charge said yes and went to the area. I was so happy that he said he already got the items and I will just get it there, I just have to present my ID and the receipt to prove that I am really the owner.

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We Will Be Buying School Supplies

I planned to go with my sister at the beach but since I have to buy some requirements and school supplies, I decided not to. Ate Mj and little Faith went out with them while I and Ate Mariel will be heading to the mall this afternoon.

I hope that the funds I transferred to my bank from my PayPal account is already there. I tried to log in to my bank account since last night but they are requiring having me another new password but then when I registered the new password they don’t allow it. We already tried numbers of password but still they would prompt it as invalid TXN password. Is there anyone here who is experiencing the same stuff? If so please let me know.

Since I can’t log in to my account, I would probably go to the bank instead and inquire my funds in the ATM. I must attend the mass first since I was not able to hear mass for quite a long time now. Have a happy Sunday everyone!

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Sink, Review and Tuition Fee

Last week, we woke up with so much water in the kitchen; it was all spread to the floor. I thought the water was from the leak in the rooftop but heck no! It was from the sink GRRRR I knew it, when I saw my niece dropping some left over in the sink two weeks ago, I told her in a week or so, the sink would clog. And so I was right, good thing Kuya James repaired it on Sunday and for that we don’t have to wash the dishes in the laundry area. Thank goodness!

The school of Mj is sometimes weird every time they schedule there written exam, they always fall it on Saturday, knowing that Saturday supposedly will spend at home, I thought to complain against the way they schedule it one day when I attended the PTA meeting but I don’t know what happen to me, no one came out from my mouth, and my hand was shaken when I attempted to raise it. Sometimes I rather be quiet than to complain, I know it’s not good, we are the parents and we pay the tuition fee every month so whatever we suggest the management should listen. So parents don’t you just sit in the corner all right? Voice out what’s on your mind, don’t follow what I did, now even though it is against my will but because I did not complaint, I have to follow the schedule has given to us.

And speaking of the tuition fee, yup I paid for it, using the money from blogging, though it is really slow right now, I am still thankful that I was able to pay the school from it. I wish it would be better in a month or so and I hope the school will not have a tuition free increase.

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