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Will Accomplished Something Today

We arrived home late last night that’s why I was so groggy this morning, my eldest daughter was not able to go to school because she was so tired and her knees were hurting her. She nearly cried last night when we were traveling because it pained her big time. I took a nap this morning right after I did some clicks and write some posts and now I am fully recovered from too much sore. I have so many things I want to do today, first off was to send my eldest daughter to her Kumon at least she couldn’t be absent with that I mean she was already absent with her class today so at least she will have something to accomplished today. I have to go to post office too to check what’s with the package that my sister is telling me about and I will do a little grocery shopping while Mj is in Kumon.

Nostalgia # 7: For This Upcoming School Year

I am not well today, my stomach is aching I have to ask Mj to buy me a medicine outside for my stomachache to be well. Anyway, before I would sleep let me just post my entry for:


Indeed, time flies so fast; this was faith when she was only like an hour old at the nursery. She was still so fragile; I sometimes get worried if I would hurt her when she’s in my arms. Yet, she knows when I am near because she would try to look at me, as if trying to say “hi mama”

She was only 4 months old at this picture; we were trying to get her an outfit for our beach party, which I missed this summer. We were not able to have fun at the beach since we are so busy preparing for her sister’s competition.

This was last year, look at how she has grown so fast. And her contagious smile, I asked her to smile for the camera and obviously she gave me a bright one.

Oh, let me ask you, where did the time goes by? Now she is so ready for school this June. I am so excited to send her at school and witness this new adventure of her life. As a SAHM I could never ask for more, thank you my husband for this opportunity you offered me, surely it is not always easy being a Stay at Home Mom, but I enjoy this career much.

So Nice To Be Just At Home

The day was spent only at home, my daughter JM was so at ease now that their final is over. She is now seating in our couch watching TV, although she is still grounded from using the computer and so for playing Nintendo. She must know the good and bad and how it would affect her as she grows up. I thought she would sneak in of using the computer or her Nintendo when I am not around, but I was surprised she followed it whole heartedly.
After their final this morning, they had a farewell party. She brought with her Adobo for lunch and when she returned home this afternoon, she brought us almost the whole banana cake, of course F and I were so happy munching it as our snack.
Oh, it is so nice just to be at home without anything to be hurry for. This would be a great summer for us.

Ruby Tuesday : Her Classmates

Last Thursday, when I visited my daughter at the pool during their PE subject, she asked me if she could borrow my digital camera, I thought she will be included with the photo sessions and that she will asked someone to take a picture of her together with her classmates. But I was wrong because she was the one who took the pictures thus you cannot find her at the photos below.

These are her classmates, take note of the red collar and the bottle that the other one was holding, this is my entry for:

Ruby Tuesday