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Family Day @ My Youngest’s School

Geez, I almost forgot that today is Faith’s Family Day at school, I just told my husband last night that we have to wake up early in the morning today to attend the Family Day at school. I did not bring anything because I thought that the 50 pesos was our contribution but heck no! When we arrived at school, I noticed that some of the parents brought some foods, good thing a friend of mine went there as well since her daughter is also studying in the same school. We had some chats and later since it seems like, I mean I feel like I am lacking something. I ordered a German Moist Cake from her. It was the right timing because she have an extra spare of cake at home so she don’t have to bake for me instead she will just do some frosting and she can deliver it to school right away. She was on her way at school when I found out that the Kinder 2 and of my youngest section, we are obliged to bring any dessert and I didn’t know! My friend was a blessing in disguise because she just approaches me the right time.

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Here is my youngest daughter and Daddy; they had so much fun just being together. Mj on the other hand went to her friend in the other bench to catch up with her, I mean it has been a while that they have seen and talked each other. It is the best time indeed for both of them.

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Running A Candidate At School

When I was still in high school, I used to dream being a candidate for a student organization, a president or a representative but I was not popular, nobody even knows me except my classmates. I was so impressed with to those who run for candidacy the way they campaign, they speech in the class and all that. Some I didn’t know, but they became so friendly when they are campaigning, I always thought to vote wisely, I always based my vote for their plans and platform for the school. Well, I must admit that some become so obvious with their true intentions and nevertheless they just want to be recognize or more popular at school. Some were really devoted, they would put up a project for school and so every student can benefit from it.

I was so impressed when I heard my niece is running for 4th year representative, she did her best, she campaigned, and she even lost her voice so she can deliver her speech perfectly. This is her second time to run and she hoped that she would win this time, but fortunes didn’t come her way she lost it. I know she had a lot of plans if she wins, I know she had more ideas in mind for their school yet maybe that was not enough. But even she didn’t win, she already won in the heart of many especially to her mom and her family, we are so proud of her for having that skill, that cleverness, and that talent. No matter how many she would lose in a campaign, she is always the winner in our heart.

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Literacy Contest and Being Independent

I had a good nap just today, it has been like how many nights already that I slept too late and I feel so groggy whenever I would fetch my daughter for her training and or in KUMON. Yesterday, was their Literacy Program, they spotted the fourth place, their performance was okay though but they were lacking formation I guess that was the reason why they were not the champion. We must congratulate again the Grade 4-Kings for making it to the top.
My eldest daughter was very independent, well she is always being or can do anything without my presence to assists her. She doesn’t have gloves yesterday because she forgot to tell me that she needed it for her costume, what she did was she asked her teacher if she had an extra gloves she immediately bought it for P20.00, she told me when I arrived she had to sacrifice her snack over of a pair of gloves. She also asked one parent there to put some make ups on her face since I was still not there to attain her. Whenever there are some occasions like this, even I am late or whatever I know she would be alright because she is too resourceful to look for means for her to meet up.
After the program, we headed to her training immediately while I and one parent from the pool went to a newly put up subdivision near at the mall. My husband is interested about it, it is so nice though but I am more concerned of the cost.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I really wanted to watch the movie I promised myself to watch this month but I was too busy today even though Mj did not attend her training because her periodical test would be tomorrow and she has a tutor she need to attain to after class.
This morning, Mj asked me if I and Faith could go to the venue where their swimming for P.E. is held every Thursday. Since Faith woke up so early, we went to the pool early in the morning to watch her sister performed what she learned from the training. After we watched her, I told her we should go, so to at least treat Faith in Jollibee, they had a buy one take one promotion today in the celebration for their 19th anniversary, the store was jam-packed with customers and the line was so long yet we did not leave the place, we still fall in line to buy her favorite fries, right after the long dreaded line, we took a cab for us to get home.
Sister Merlyn arrived late in the afternoon already. I was watching TV when I realized I have to pay the tuition fee of Mj, so I drag myself to SM to withdraw some money then I went to the school immediately. She was still reviewing her notes with her tutor so I waited for her outside their classroom; it was already 6:30 p.m. when they finished their review.
I am still too tired with today’s agenda yet I should not forget to greet all of you especially my husband a Happy Thanksgiving!