Fantastic City

Chicago is a fantastic city filled with so many different neighborhoods. There are the glitzy shops of Miracle Mile, the gleaming structures of the North Side, and the sports-influenced shops and restaurants of the South Side. If you’re not a long-time resident or frequent visitor the streets in and around Chicagoland can be a dauanting maze to a normal driver. And this may be why you want to look into a premier Chicago limousine service when you decide to make the trek to this Midwestern city.

We’re not talking about the stretch limos connected with weddings, proms, and Hollywood stars. You can certainly take advantage of these at places like Athena Limousine Service. Today, a limousine service offers much more. For instance, if you’re bringing a large party into the city you may want to consider hiring a service with stretch SUVs. Or, if you’re arriving for business, perhaps a sleek, prestigious sedan will to the trick.

When, not if, you consider a limo service, you want to look at a few things. Of course, the price is significant. If you’re paying top dollar then you want the vehicles and service to match the cost. You also want to look at the types of services they offer. Many Chicago limo companies provide pick-up and drop-off service from the airport. But what if you’re arriving by train? Find out if the limo service can you up at Union Station or at an El station?

Another item to review is the limo company’s reservation policy and how many vehicles they have in their fleet. Should you be on the go at all hours of the day you want the service to be available during those times as well. In addition, consider how far in advance you have to reserve a limo for business or events. This is especially important when a sporting or business event is in town and can affect the number of vehicles available.

The last thing to consider are the reviews of former clients of the service. The Internet is a wonderful tool to find these comments. Take a look at both the positive and negative comments in the reviews on several sites to get a feel for the company. Should there be a repeated complaint, find out how your selected limo service has corrected the issue.

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An Experience That I May Not Forget

It was raining cats and dogs when we went home today from our short getaway, I have Faith in tow and my friends and their kids. At first I was still calm when driving, I started to get nervous when I passed by a swamp with lots of water, I mean it is my intention to pass by there but I could have made a detour to another way for us to get through at the diversion road. But it was too late I am already there and already tried to climb up with lots of water under our car, the brother of my friend just told me to try harder and pushed hard the accelerator so we can make it to the top. When we are already safe, I breathe deeply, thank GOD that we surpassed that. But it did not end there, because we still passed by at least a bit flood. When I saw some small cars get through, I know I can also get through since I am driving a mini van now. We took the diversion road, it was dark and I am having a hard time seeing the lines on the road, my eye is the brother of my friend who would tell me if there’s a car in the back when I have to overtake.

I have sent my friends safe to their house, so it was me and Faith who left in the car. Faith was in my back just giving me a boost when I have to pass by a bigger flood this time. Faith even said “oh no, Mama too much water” and yeah it is, I didn’t know where to pass but one traffic enforcer helped me out. He showed me which way to pass and I did it! Thank GOD! It was indeed so hard to drive especially when the road is unclear with too much water but it was also an experience that I may not forget.

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That Road

I really don’t like driving in diversion road, aside from all the cars there were like racing, I also don’t like the uphill, downhill, too curve kind of stuff. But I don’t have any choice but to take that road specially if we are in a hurry. The shortcut going to Woodridge where my eldest daughter is having training for swimming is the diversion road. In the contrary, I always avoid to drive on that road but my friends keep on telling me that I don’t have anything to afraid about, I just have to be extra careful and alert and I’ll be okay. So I took that road, in fact it has been like five times I’ve already done it and I am now starting to be comfortable with it. Although, I am becoming more defensive whenever I took that road, I know GOD is always with us though, I don’t have to race anyway just like other cars that were taking that road. 
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