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Got To Go To Get My Car From The Shop

We just arrived home from check-up appointment, now I have to go out again to get the car from the shop. Yes, I sent the car again to the shop because it would tend to stop every time I drive it, especially when I will lower the gear. I thought it was the way I am driving it that’s why it stopped but it has been like this for days now. So I thought that there is really something wrong with it, I sent it again and explained the mechanic what I thought was the problem. I hope the car is okay now because we have to go out to attend my nephew’s birthday party held in Outback Grill. Anyway, I have to greet my nephew a happy 8th birthday.

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Will Go To The Car Shop

I have to go out early today because I need to check the car I sent to the shop nearby. I hope this mechanic will do everything just to have my car fixed. The car got noise and it seems like it was leaking near the tire, I would be willing to pay any amount as long as it is worth and as long as I won’t be complaining the same issue again. 

Engine Dies On Me

It started just this week just right after I have my aircon repair. The clutch seems having trouble releasing from being pressed. And no matter how I pressed it really hard, the engine would not work and it will just died on me. Yesterday it happens like how many times while on the road, I asked about our coach about it and he said that their might be leaking or the cable should be replaced. He suggested a repair shop nearby so after I sent Mj to her kumon, I went to the Shell service center in Ecoland, I told them about my car’s problem then later they checked the clutch, and my coach was right because it really has a leaked. They checked again what parts should I buy and replace it is the repair kit. They took it as a sample and immediately I took a taxicab to look for it, after like 3 auto parts supply I went to, finally I found one in Uyanguren. It only costs 150.00 but my fare cost more than that sigh! The labor was only 200.00, I also bought a coolant for the aircon, hence, I damaged like P450.00. I would surely go back then like next week for the change oil, I hope the clutch will not act like that anymore. It is still heavy though but at least the engine won’t die on me at all.

Niche Blogs and Another Repair Day

Before anything else, let me invite you to take a peep in my food and travel blogs. I was put to general category before but I realized that it would be better to have a niche to some of my blogs. Do you mind to visit my Points of View Of Travels and Places and Sahm’s Food Diary, a note to my healthy lifestyle
And So I went out today to attend mass in Shrine while I have my car wash nearby. When I went back to get the car, it was all so clean and so shiny. I drove to downtown to pay my electricity bill and I dropped by in the mall to buy my youngest daughter a pizza. In the parking area, I saw something is leaking under my car, I checked it. It looks like water. I open the hood to make sure, what it is; I heard some sounds and smelled something is wasted so I stand by for like a minute. Then right after, I open the hood again to check if that weird sounds was still there and that strong smell from the engine. It seems already okay so I went inside the mall. When I got back, I check the engine again if it got smoke or something; it doesn’t so I drive home now. But then when I arrived home, I smelled an engine again, when I checked it again. It seems like the engine oil is leaking. Sigh! Good thing I am already home when the car acted up, tomorrow would be another repair day for my car.