Two Gifts on Wedding Anniversary

I got two gifts I received on my wedding anniversary from my two friends. One is a frame and the other one, which I just received on Thursday, is a product from Victoria Secrets and a T-shirt. These two friends never ceased of giving me surprises, I really don’t mind receiving gifts. I even told them not to bother because their presence on my wedding anniversary and celebrated with me on that day was more than enough. Although my husband was not there, I have these friends who’s always there for me through good and bad times. I am always thankful that I have surrounded by good friends in my life right now. I miss my friends who are already living abroad but GOD is so good because he let me meet good friends when my life started to be dull and boring. 
Pictures will be posted soon.
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Ruby Tuesday : Precious Gifts for her Birthday!

These are the gifts that my little Faith received from her birthday party today! My little girl just want to say thank you all for coming and for these gifts. She was so delighted to see those gifts and wanted to put those gifts beside her when she sleeps. Oh but of course Mom has to do something just to divert her attention to other things so the gifts will be keep on her closet until she uses them all. Once again thank you!
See the red blouse and pants? Thats for my Ruby Tuesday of course!

Ruby Tuesday
Happy Tuesday everyone and remember stay beautiful and throw out the negative vibes!
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PB Weekend # 6: Sandals


On the second thought, since I have new sandals given to me by our Ate Peng, I am joining today’s Pixel Bug Weekend. I am not fond of shopping different sandals as most of the girls do, I am a type of girl that if I still have sandals to wear when I go out, I won’t bother to buy one pair for me. In the contrary, if someone would give a pair of footwear for me, I will never say no, it’s a blessing and it’s not good if you refused it. So anyhow here is my pair of shoes that a family friend bought for me.

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Look What I Got!

A new blouse from my dear pregnant friend Clarinda, while I had my concert at their house she asked me if I would like to have a blouse that has a collar design, of course as she would give it to me I said yes.

And look what I got? She gave me a checkered blouse that according to Ate Mariel, it is the latest trend today, and I was right she love it and begging me to give the blouse to her. I didn’t only had videoke at their house, that right after I sang one song it rains so hard hehehe, I also have the new top and a mouse trap, oopss a mouse pad, lol. Thank you Cla!

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