Life Begins At Forty

Life begins at forty but I am stuck, I should do whatever things I needed to do but I feel like I am still not moving forward. I am still on the same phase where everyone found me a long time, I thought by this age I already explore the world but nope I am not. I am telling you, there’s a part of my life that I felt so depressed, I felt so left out and I struggle a lot, yes I have my own personal issues.

But I composed myself, I tried so hard to just let things flow, even though I did not achieve the dreams I wanted to have from before, life will go on. My kids are with me and that’s the most important thing in the world. So I went back to work, trying to suit myself for this new adventure and for two years I survived.

I think I will not stop working until my body will weaken, but I am hopeful that my kids are already achieving their goals, when the day comes. Their dream is my dream and I am here to always support them. And who knows they will be the one to explore the world, they will be the one to travel and experience other cultures, the dream that I thought I can get.

Does really life begins at forty? Does it mean adventure, fun or travel? Or is it just a continuation of another struggle? Whatever it brings me, one thing I realized, dreaming is not only reaching  for the things you really want, it can be achieve, when your kids will be the one to achieve it for you. And then I would say my life is perfect after all.

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I Am Having A Bad Day!

It has been last week that I am calling and checking if one of my Doctor’s clinic is open but geez even the family medicine is not. Oh well, it is holiday, last Friday and Saturday is holiday due to Kadayawan Celebration, and yesterday was the Aquino day.

I was hoping I can see at least one of them today but nope it’s not because when I get to there, they are not open. I went to one of his clinic; the receptionist said they will be open up tomorrow yet. My asthma is getting worst I really need a medicine that is effective. It has been months that my asthma keeps on attacking me. So since my Doctors are not available, I just bought Carbocistine and Salbutamol for me to survive today. I went for grocery shopping then went home.

When I arrived home, I called the secretary from our landline, finally someone is there and she said that I can go there for a checkup but then when I went there at 3 pm as scheduled, she told me that the Doctor just called and said he is having an emergency. Thus, after my effort with all the sweats and smelling those exhaust from cars and jeepneys went to nothing because the Doctor is out. Too bad!


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Don’t Wear High Heeled Sandal

It was last Friday that we were told by our trainer to wear a corporate attire, so for me to look more decent I wore a high heeled sandal. This sandal was purchased last year when accidentally the one that I wore got busted. Good thing that my friend lends me some money to buy this pair of shoes. I thought that the brand is durable and the strap will not get easily busted but I was wrong because when I wear the sandal last Friday. It got busted while I was walking on the street with my friend.

I didn’t expect it to happen since I am not wearing it all the time. But unfortunately while we were on our way to the venue, the strap just got busted. It was so dreading hot since that was lunch time, I immediately thought to buy a pair of flip flop or gladiator sandal that doesn’t cost much but of course it was not in the mall it happened along the street, what can you expect then right?

I asked some vendor if they know a shoe repair shop around the area. One of them said that it is far yet the other one remember that there’s one that is near where we are but we need to walk a little bit. I don’t have a choice but to walk with one shoe only. I carry the other pair because if I still insist to wear both, I may get an accident anytime. My friend said that there was somebody who noticed my situation and laugh. I didn’t have time to look who the person was; the important is I need to get to the shop. Good thing the shop is just near the venue where we had our training.

Lesson learned: Do not wear a 2 inch high heeled shoes because if it will get busted, you would really walk with one foot.


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Mini Interview

Our company distributed this free magazine during our lunch time; I grabbed it right away since I know I can benefit from it. And yesterday while I was thinking what topic I should write, I scanned the magazine and I was having fun reading the mini interview of this particular girl who is working in BPO for quiet sometimes already. The question is very cool that made me think, what if I will be the one to answer that question. Moreover, here are my answers.

 I wish my office would have…

2 hours lunch and its paid especially during queue, isn’t that amazing? LOL

If I had the whole day to myself, I would …

roam around the mall with kids and eat out and have fund

I survive my crazy shift hours because I’m…

looking forward to go home right after shift and blog 

The awesome perks of the job are

the salary is good enough for me to support my family

My go-to-party outfit for the holidays

As usual my two pair of jeans and an ordinary top 

Fave (but slightly embarrassing Christmas song)

Jingle Jingle bell, I don’t know why, its old but I kept on singing the same song all over during the holiday season.

My dream holiday getaway

it was going to US before but now I am thinking Japan

The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received

time with my kids since my voice faded during the queue and I have an excuse to be absent 

How I spend my Christmas every year

For two years now, I spent it with my kids since I always got sick, I don’t know why 


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