Terrible Headache Because Of A Stress

I am not feeling well today, my head was very painful due to the stress I had yesterday. Yesterday was not absolutely my day. I went out yesterday at 12 noon, hoping I could finish my transaction right away. I have to withdraw some money to pay partially for the house to the owner. But when I went to the remittance store, I have to wait for my name to be called. And in the bank was the worst I have to wait for 2 to 3 hours to deposit the money to the account of the owner. On my way home at 4 in the afternoon, while driving somebody signalled me that my wheel was flat. I pulled over the car and checked the tire and yes it was a little flat. I dropped by at the gasoline station to air the tire and I was thinking to drop by at the vulcanizing shop to have it check but on my way to the vulcanizing shop, a truck hit me on the side! It was really a bad day; we went home at 11 in the evening. I am so tired and my head is aching the whole day today. It was a stressful day that I don’t even want to think of it.

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I Had A Long Day Today

It is still the first day of the week and yet I am already too busy.

Who wouldn’t get tired? At 10 in the morning today, the school of my eldest daughter message me that I need to fetch her because of a fever. And so I and Faith went there to fetch her up, they advised me to have a check-up on her for assurance of her health. We need to wait for Faith to finish her school so I could send both of them to their Paediatrician for check-up since Faith also had a cough and colds although she doesn’t have a fever yet I guess it is better for her to get a check-up too. When we arrived home Mj became weaker, she slept right away after dinner and after she took her medicine. Her allergy went down after she took a medicine for allergy at the clinic. I had a long day; waiting for our turn to the clinic is not fun at all. But good thing Faith this time can behave and just watch TV, she would get hyper but I can already control her.

At night I have to sleep beside Mj to monitor her fever, I was really worried that I need to get up every now and then to check her temperature. Faith has to sleep with Mariel but she doesn’t like to, so I have to lie down with her and I will just transfer her when she is already fast asleep. I hope this is nothing; I mean it is not that fever that I am always scared of. I really have to pick some Tawa-Tawa in the neighborhood tomorrow to ensure that she will be okay.

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Not This Time Doc!

I am so not feeling well!

Yesterday I went to my doctor for my asthma and he requested me immediately for admission. I was like “uh uh” not this time, I mean I was not even prepared and I have tons and tons of payment this month, not to mention that my niece is here with me and I was helping her to pay her tuition fees plus my sister’s family is depending on me and I can’t spend any more money for the hospitalization. I took aback and begging my Doctor for me not to be admitted and thank GOD that he was convinced only he gave me cautions that if I can’t breathe tonight, I should not be thinking twice to go to the emergency room. He gave me lots of medicines with a heavy dosage to make sure I won’t run to the emergency room. I was really nervous; I went home immediately instead of dropping by at the grocery store. I rested for a while but I didn’t expect that today I would still be feeling weak. I am slightly catching my breath but I think I can still survive.

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It Was Then A Terrible Monday!

We went to Gen San last Friday for a competition of my daughter. I was okay on our way there but when we traveled back last Sunday, it was different at all. I could not sleep and I was always watching the children, Yuna and Mj seated on the other side but inline with us yet I was not comfortable. I was also keep on looking at my watch of what time would we arrive in Davao.

When we arrived home, I opened my computer immediately to upload our pictures, I was having fun and giggled with our pictures, it was already late at night when I hit the bed. My head was so heavy when I woke up in the morning, but I still have to get up to prepare Mj’s breakfast, she was so excited to tell her teachers about the medals she got on the said event. I was a little dizzy while I have prepared Mj’s breakfast and lunch but I didn’t mind it, I still have to chat with my husband right after so there’s no way I could be sick. But while chatting, I could not bear it any longer, I just told him, I needed some rest, my head is starting to get so painful.

I woke up around 10:00 a.m., and my head was still so heavy, the pain goes on and off and I still felt a little dizzy. I went to bed again around 1:00 p.m. and woke up again around 3:00 p.m., I went to take a shower and right after that, my head is beginning to pound, my head was aching terribly and I felt like my surrounding was all dark. I know I needed more rest and sleep, good thing I didn’t have fever but I really felt so weak. I just messaged my daughter then not to wait for me at school because I could not send her to her training anymore. I also messaged the driver of the carpool to fetch her and send her home. It was indeed a terrible Monday, although I still don’t feel all right until now yet I have to regain my strength as no one would send my eldest to her training and she could not afford anymore to be absent from her swimming since the DCAA is already fast approaching.

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