I Felt Very Tired

Today is the appointment of my youngest daughter to her dentist. I asked her if she is ready, she said she can’t wait anymore, she just want her damaged tooth to be removed. Before we arrived at the dentist’s office, I already told her what will happen when a tooth is extracted. I promised her that I will be on her side no matter, I will holding her hand so she won’t be afraid.

When we arrived, the dentist prepared everything. I started motivating Faith that she can do it, she just won’t give up and everything will be okay. But when she saw the injection, she started to freak out. I helped her cover her eyes, and hold still her head; the secretary also is trying to hold her hands. I told her we already talked about it. She sits still and did not resisting our help. She screamed but did not move at all

She was injected twice for the anesthesia, the dentist said that it seems like she was not affected at all because she still felt pain. She was a little relax with the 2nd injection, I was still holding her face and kept on telling her about things and that she is so brave and she can make it, she’ll just have to follow us.

The tooth got extracted right away but there were still some pieces left that were the time that the dentist is having a hard time already. But the dentist did good, after so many tries; she was able to pull off the tiny pieces.

After the extraction, Faith kept on talking again, she got energetic and I was so weak. I felt so tired. My knees were trembling; it feels like I was the one who have the tooth removed. But you know what makes me smile when we were on our way home, Faith wrote a message to me since I told her not to talk, the message melt my heart.

Faith: Thanks for being with me Mom and thank you for being my Mom.  I love you!


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I Love You Anak!

My Dearest Little One:
You are so harsh tonight, you were so pissed off with me when I woke you up for you to take your medicine. Well, it was my fault though because I know you had been wanting to sleep but you just can’t because you are sick and here I was trying to disturb you but please know I love you and that all I wan’t is for you to get well, it is so hard to see you sick I could not sleep because I keep on watching you, making it sure that you are alright.
I love you ANAK so much! So please get well.
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Sick Again!

My youngest daughter is sick again, she just had a fever since last night, good thing it subsided awhile ago, she was able to play with her sister a little bit but I am still worried because she is not fully recover yet. If she will not be alright this morning, I think I must send her to her Pediatrician as she doesn’t have cough or colds, I am not sure if she had Tonsilitis since she keeps on pointing her mouth recently. I hope this is not something I always worried of, thus she is too young to have it. I hope after we go to the Doctor tomorrow, her fever is gone already.
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