Clearance Done

Just tonight I went to our office to have my clearance done, need to do it so I can get my back pay and my 13th month pay. I supposed to do it on day time but could not do it since there were no available TL already so I decided to just do it at  night time when everyone is available. I tag my daughter along so I have someone to talk to when I felt bored already but it was the same thing because she was not allowed to come with me when I went up for the HR and the facilities.

When I surrendered my badge, they asked me to go back to my locker so I can vacate it. Upon approaching, I didn’t realize I have missed it already. I only had one locker during my stay in Convergys, I never changed it for so many reasons and when I saw it, I didn’t expect I will miss it. I had my jacket there and my tumbler and now everything is just so empty, everything just went back to where I started. But everything has to move on I need to move forward hopefully.

Now I’m ready for a new phase of my life, maybe a new BPO?  But this time, it will be near where I lived so I won’t spend my time just traveling or stranded in the traffic. On the second thought I really don’t know yet, I just let the river flows and wait for it to where it would lead me to.


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The Name Michael

I am always forgetful especially when it comes to names. And no don’t blame it to anesthesia that the Doctor poked me when I deliver my kids because ever since I am already like this, forgetting someone’s names and mind you it is not easy in fact it is very embarrassing. I have this acquaintance before that every time we saw each other, he would always talk to me and always mentioning my name. I felt awkward because I can’t even remember his name; ahh yeah there’s a name that always, I mean it is like haunting in my mind. It is the name MICHAEL. And I don’t even know where I had that. And in my mind, it seems like it always tells me his name is Michael.

And so we saw each other again in the street, my friend and I were on our way to school. He called me and I was being caught up, I have to mention his name because I have to introduce him to my friend. I mean I have to since I am with a friend and it is not proper not to introduce him to my friend. So here it is, since Michael is always in the back of my mind, I introduce him to my friend as Michael. And the moment I uttered Michael, his eyebrows encountered, he showed me the tiger look as if telling me that his name is not Michael! He told me right away, “Who the heck is Michael in your life?” My friend was laughing so hard. He introduced himself to my friend and I was just so embarrassed, my friend never stopped laughing even he is already gone. And you know what until now I still can’t remember his name, can you believe that?

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