The Backbone In The Family

I always salute those Mom who works really hard while taking good care of their kids at home. It is hard, I’d been in the same situation before that sometimes I felt very exhausted. I wanted to stop working but I can’t since we have this huge bill we need to settle. Oh well good thing that was already over, we paid it before that year ends otherwise there will be interest again to be added the next month.

So to those Mom who was able to make their career progress and did not ever make their family behind, I would say congratulations. It must be a topsy-turvy ride. Kudos more to those single Mom out there, who takes two roles at the same time. See, it is already hard taking everything to work with our husband always there with us but to a single mom, they have to be the one to take good care of everything without any husband to lean on at all. No one would be able to be there for them to weigh everything when the other part is already a burden to carry. You are indeed the backbone of the family, congratulations and may you have more strength to carry on.

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Three Tips for Planning a Family Night That Everyone Can Enjoy

One of the most important things that you can do to make your family stronger is to spend quality time together. However, when your family includes a number of people who are different ages and have different interests, hobbies, and schedules, it can be very hard to plan a time that you can all spend together and have fun. Don’t give up on the idea, however. Instead, keep these tips in mind as you plan your family night together.

1. Consider the Age of Your Family Members

When you pick a place to go together, make sure that there will things that are fun to do for everyone in your family, not just the adults. At the same time, don’t make the older members of your family bored by going to a place that’s only enjoyable for little kids. Try to find a compromise, such as a family restaurant and pub where everyone can find something to eat. For example, if you’re looking for bars in La Grange IL, consider a family-friendly place like Kenny’s Pub. This way everyone can relax and find something to eat and enjoy.

2. Work Together as a Team

One of the best ways to bring people together is to give them an activity that they can work on together. For example, get a puzzle that you can all do together. Board games are also fun, as long as they are the right type of game for the ages of your family members. Look for team building exercises online that are usually used for coworkers and adapt them for your family. You’ll have fun together when you’re trying to solve the problem and get closer at the same time.

3. Explore Nature Together

Get outside for your own health and improve the health and happiness of your family at the same time. Whether you go out for a simple walk, a more strenuous hike, or for a different outdoor activity, such as swimming, boating, climbing, or simply exploring, your family will be having a blast. Studies show that spending time outside can make you happier and healthier so extend that to your whole family by planning activities to do together in the great outdoors. One fun activity to consider is geocaching, which can make time spend outside into a sort of game you’ll love.

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Hot Mama

Alice Dixon, if I am not mistaken is already 40 years old. But look at her, she is still so fit and fabulous. They even titled her as a hot Mama for this year, the picture was taken in the FHM event. Geez, how I wish I will look like her or fit like her when I reach 40 years old. She is just so hot!

 photo 10305417_848122405207556_5157744215862619624_n_zpsfb71a084.jpg

Picture not mine

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We Will Have A Daughter Mother Bonding

It has been a while that I haven’t traveled. The last time was in Manila during the swimming competition of my eldest daughter and that was 3 years ago. When Mj got back to her training last year, we had a swimming competition out of town but the venue is only an hour drive. Tomorrow, at 2 in the morning my daughter and I will have an exciting trip in the bus, hoping though that I could be with her in the same bus and so I don’t have to spend money for my fare. My daughter has a free fare, since she is one of the delegates for Batang Pinoy. Too bad though because Faith can’t be with us, she have a foundation week to attend to and I have to thanks my sister Irenie for attending Faith. This only happens so rare that Mj and I will bond; I decided to go with her so at least she will know that even I am always defending Faith; I also cared and loved her. Because recently I noticed that she thinks I don’t care for her, I hope she knows that we love her as love as we love Faith.

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