The White Dress And A Worn Out Sandal

I almost ran out of budget when I bought the rubber shoes of my eldest daughter not minding that I still need to buy a white dress for her plus Faith had her Dentist appointment. My eldest daughter was already waiting for me in the mall, guess I can’t escape anymore, I need to buy her a white dress for their moving up. Good thing she did not demand of a new sandal to match the white dress. Oh well, she understand that I am running out funds. We were roaming around, checking here and there. This is the struggle when your budget is up to this certain amount only; you need to check the very least price. Imagine we spent 2 hours just to look for a very affordable white dress.

 photo 17796329_10212062632377209_2569768988783409292_n_zpsmlnded7x.jpg

When I picked the dress, Mj wanted to protest but she doesn’t have any choice because she already got her wish. She just put a fashionable belt for it to look a little fancy. She borrowed a pair of sandal from her cousin and she’s all set ready for the Moving Up Day.

The pair of sandal is so worn out that she almost did not wear it but her teacher told her to wear  a pair of sandal when we arrived at the venue. Mj got her hair a little bit curly, it was so sudden, it looks like we were always chasing time since she arrived late.

But everything is just so overwhelming, I sometimes could not imagine that the little toddler I always brought in the mall during off from work is now growing up. It is indeed scary but I have faith on her, I just hope that she will do her best to reach her goal.

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Ready to receive their diploma

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Sale At The Malls Today

When my sister seemed so agitated to have a dress to wear for her daughter’s graduation day, I realized maybe I have to get something for myself for my daughter’s graduation day. I went out today and I promised myself I am going to look for a slacks I can wear but geez the moment I arrived at the mall, I feel thirsty and tired so after I deposited the money of my eldest daughter to her savings account. I went to Watson right away to buy some medicines, and vitamins and some personal necessity; I also bought the perfume I love to wear nowadays. Then instead of looking for a slack for me I went home right away, later I found out that the other mall has 50% off, geez I could have buy something for me.

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My Knees Were Numb

… And I can barely walk. The other day I went to the mall early, it was still closed at that time. After a while, the car park was open so I hurriedly went up there and I saw my friend parked her car as well. I went to her and I asked her if I could go with her inside the mall even it was still closed, she worked there as a supervisor of one of the consignments displayed in the second floor, she said it was okay and I could get inside even the mall is still not open. I didn’t know that she has to go up to the 4th floor, that was the mall’s policy and since she was already late she walked so fast and I walked fast as well to catch up to her.

I went inside the mall sweating so much, she was laughing she said I could walk slowly if I want but I said it was okay I don’t want to be left behind. As she went to her area, I went ahead to the 1st floor; I sat down immediately when I saw one of the vacant benches at the remittance office. I was really exhausted, later I feel my knees were numb and after a day, I can barely walk anymore, it was just painful to walk especially when I have to walk upstairs. I had a good exercise indeed, I sweat and my legs were strengthen but as I haven’t done a good exercise lately, my body reacted a little bit badly on the going up and down at the stairs of that mall.

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We went out from the club house where our kids training was held, we go to the mall so we could withdraw some money because we decided to have lunch at the clubhouse. When we were at the mall, my friend invited me to eat some siomai, when I ate siomai, I always ordered the pork and shrimp, my friend told me to try the Japanese Siomai as it has a different delectable taste, it is spicy but you would still crave for more. Oh well, I ordered twice so that’s 8 pieces all in all, my friend finished like 12 pieces of it minus one because she gave me one and the other one that was unintentionally dropped in the floor, too late when we tried to catch it up because it can no longer be saved.
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